20 Facts That Anyone Can Read On The Toilet

We don’t know what the Indonesian meatball memes are saying, but we bet it’s pretty funny.
20 Facts That Anyone Can Read On The Toilet

A long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away) there lived a great wizard, named Villi. The wizard had a young apprentice named… well… Villi. Villi was a curious lad, but not so clever as his master. He could barely cast the simplest cantrip. So Villi's master made him do all sorts of things to keep him occupied. He made him sort rocks into piles. He made him measure out ingredients for potions. And he made him enjoy this list of interesting facts about the universe.

You see, Villi was the first person in the history of the universe to have knowledge of these things. He had not studied them in school, he had not read about them in books, he had not learned them from an uncle, or an aunt, or an older sibling. No one before him ever knew these things. He just knew them. He knew them because he was born knowing them, and he had not forgotten them since.

The first piece of legislation in congress helped pay for the Revolutionary War.

The first piece of legislation passed by the 1 st U.S. Congress was a 50¢ tariff. The Tariff of 1789 levied a 50¢ ($16 today) per ton duty on goods imported by foreign ships. President Washington signed the act and the money was used to pay off the Revolutionary War debt. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

US History

You can get a Train Delay Certificate in Japan to excuse being late.

If your train is late in Japan, you'll get a ticket explaining your tardiness to your teacher or employer. ever Japanese railways have long instituted a procedure to prove that a passenger's tardiness was through no fault of his or her own. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Real Estate Tokyo

Disease was the biggest killer of the Civil War.

Disease and unsanitary conditions caused the majority of fatalities during the American Civil War. Twice as many soldiers died from disease as from battle wounds, the result of poor sanitation in an era that created mass armies that did not yet under- stand the transmission of infectious diseases. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Indonesia has memes about undercover cops selling meatballs.

Street vendors selling meatballs are presumed to be undercover cops In Indonesia. The traveling meatball vendor is often associated with intelligence undercov- er activity. On social media there are memes depicting meatball vendors commu- nicating through walk- ie-talkies. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Marvelous Marvin legally changed his name.

A boxer legally changed his name to Marvelous so announcers had to say it. Frustrated that an- nouncers were not us- ing his nickname, Mar- velous, Marvin Hagler had his name legally changed to Marvelous Marvin Hagler. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


The Yukon doesn’t have any buildings over 20 meters.

The tallest building in Yukon, Canada is only 20 meters tall. Whitehorse, the larg- est city in Yukon, origi- nally had a law that buildings could not ex- ceed 20 meters, and no building has yet surpassed it. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Up Here

A traveling circus left town after lightning killed their elephant.

A traveling circus left a dead elephant tied to a tree in 1972. The circus set up in the vil- lage of Uquakwa, IL. Over- night, lightning struck and killed their elephant, which was tethered to a tree in the park. The panicked Circus owners packed up all of their gear, and fled the town. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Roadside America

The real J. Peterman reviewed every Seinfeld script in which he appeared.

Seinfeld's lawyers allowed the real J. Peterman to review the script for every episode that featured him. The show lawyers ар- proached the real John Ре- terman after the first epi- sode and allowed him to review each script before it aired. That same year, the J. Peterman Company posted a $400,000 loss. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Retail Dive

Royal Australian Navy ships all have a kangaroo ensign.

All ships of the Royal Australian Navy are marked with a large red kangaroo. When warships are at sea it is customary to fly only an ensign to identify a ship's nationality. This tra- dition came about after Australian warships were frequently confused with British vessels. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

AU Navy

Finland rallycross has a limit on how much a car can cost.

A form of rallycross racing in Finland has a car budget cap of €1,500. I 8122 - In Folkracing, there is a cost cap on the cars to make sure nobody gets an unfair advantage by spending more on their car. Participants can be as young as 14 years of age. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Peter Lorre’s daughter was almost a serial killing vicitm.

A woman was spared from being a serial killing victim when her assailants learned who her father was. In 1977 the Hillside Stran- gler serial killers dropped their plan to abduct and murder her after learning that she was the daughter of Peter Lorre, who was known for playing dis- turbed characters. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Lakeland Ledger

Fortifying our food made cases of rickets free fall.

Nearly all cases of rickets disappeared when common foods began being fortified with vitamin D. VITAMIN D This took the statistics of approximately 80-90% of children showing varying degrees of bone defor- mations due to vitamin D deficiency, to being a very rare condition. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


‘Friday the 13th’ was nominated for Worst Picture the year of its release.

'Friday the 13th' was nominated for a Razzie when it came out. 1980 marked the first Razzie awards, and its first 'Worst Picture' nomination with 'Friday the 13th.' The winner, though, was The Village People's disco movie, 'Can't Stop the Mu- sic.' CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


The ‘Davey Crockett’ was a handheld nuke.

The US military created a portable mini nuclear warhead launcher in 1961. The 'Davey Crockett,' as it was called, never saw use in combat. It remains one of the smallest nucle- ar weapon systems ever built, with a yield of 20 tonnes of TNT. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Army History

Guernsey aquarium thief used fish to win competition

A competitive angling winner stole his prized bass from an aquarium in 2013. After the winning 13 lb bass was sold to a fish- monger, another compet- itor recognized it, and tipped off police. The winner was arrested and admitted theft and fraud. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


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