20 Nuggets Of Knowledge Perfect For Snacking On

Madagascar was founded by 30 women, probably in cheetah-fur bikinis and wielding large clubs.
20 Nuggets Of Knowledge Perfect For Snacking On

I enjoy this list of interesting facts. I am sure many of you do as well. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, then you're probably wondering why you're reading this. Here's why you should continue to read: You're about to learn about a long list of interesting facts, one after the other. Some of the facts are funny, and some are weird, and some are just plain interesting. Some are even related to each other. And some of them are really strange. Some of them are really funny, in an absurd kind of way. Some of the facts are funny and weird and interesting, and some of them are all three. And some of the facts are all four, even. Some of them are actually not that interesting, but they're in this list anyway, and it'd be weird if they weren't in this list, so enjoy this list of interesting facts, and if you don't feel like it, then just keep scrolling, because it'll all be over soon. 

Some wallaby escaped a Hawaii zoo in 1916, and a population still remains.

Feral wallabies live in parts of Hawaii. CRACKED.COM In 1916, a small population of brush-tailed rock-walla- by managed to escape a Hawaiian zoo. As these ani- mals bred outside in the wild, a feral population of these creatures was estab- lished.

World Atlas

Nostalgia was once thought of as a mental disorder.

Nostalgia was originally classified as a mental disorder. OTH GRACKED.COM The disease was similar to paranoia, except the suf- ferer was manic with long- ing, not perceived perse- cution, and similar to mel- ancholy, except specific to an object or place.

The Atlantic

Specialized planes fly in the eye of hurricanes to track them.

The US has been flying specialized planes into hurricanes since the 1940s. CRACKED.COM They send special planes into the eyes of hurricanes to track their path, flying through them continuously, for the duration of the storm, in order to precisely locate the eye. It's called 'fixing the eye.'


The first Walkman had two headphone jacks.

The earliest Sony Walkman models had two separate headphone jacks labeled guys and dolls. SONY AUTO REVERSE 20PRESETS AVLS BAND ANTI-HOLLING MECHANISM HOUR MONTE TUNING 2 3 5 4 CRACKED.COM In addition to two head- phone jacks, it featured a button where the two people listening could talk to each other, or sing along with each other, on a microphone.

Stereo Gum

No real tequila brand wanted to be associated with ‘Breaking Bad.’

'Breaking Bad' had to create a fictional tequila because no brand wanted to be involved. GRACKED.COM The fictional tequila Zafiro Añejo was created by the writers because they couldn't get a real brand to do product placement due to a scene where several people die after drinking it.

The Spirit Business

Shirley MacLaine was known as “Powerhouse” in baseball.

Hollywood legend Shirley MacLaine played baseball on an all-boys team. CRACKED.COM MacLaine played baseball for an all-boys team in the '40s and held the record for most home runs, earning her the nickname 'powerhouse.' She originally wanted to be a bal- lerina, but her height made it difficult.

Crossed Sabres

The tails of horses were shaved into bells so they were easily identified.

In order to quickly identify the training of their mules in a herd, the US Army shaved bells into the tail. CRACKED.COM One bell meant the animal could pack, two meant it could pack & & drive, and three meant it was also broken to ride.

Richard Randall

There is a gene that enables some people to only need 4-6 hours of sleep a night.

Short sleepers function the same off of 4-6 hours of sleep as a typical individual getting 8. CRACKED.COM Natural short sleepers re- mained a mystery until 2009, when a study dis- covered that people who had inherited a particular mutation in a gene called DEC2 averaged only 6.25 hours of sleep per night.


There was a four armed ‘Evil Grimace.’

McDonald's character Grimace was originally introduced as Evil Grimace. CRACKED.COM Evil Grimace had four arms and would steal milk- shakes. The greatest trick Evil Grimace ever played was convincing the world he didn't exist. What do we really know about the good Grimace, anyway?


There is a coin-sized “museum” on the moon with a penis drawing.

A drawing of a penis from Andy Warhol was snuck onto the moon. CRACKED.COM The small ceramic wafer, dubbed the Moon Museum, was snuck onto the Moon during the Apollo 12 mission, and contains 6 drawings, two of which include a penis drawn by Andy Warhol and a single straight line.


Vincent Price could have taken a percentage of ‘Thriller’ earnings.

Vincent Price took a flat fee for his work on 'Thriller.' CRACKED.COM When Vincent Price agreed to do the voice work for 'Thriller,' he was given a choice between taking a percentage of the album proceeds or being paid a flat $20K. Не chose the $20K.


A soccer ball sized hailstone fell in Nebraska in 2003.

The largest hailstone ever documented fell in Aurora, Nebraska in 2003. CRACKED.COM The National Climate Extremes Committee documented the hail size that fell in that storm, with many being about the size of a soft ball. One particular hailstone found from that storm was just a little smaller than a standard soccer ball.


There are no bridges over the Amazon River.

There are no bridges on the entire 4300 mile length of the Amazon river. CRACKED COM During the rainy season, the river rises thirty feet, and crossings that were once three miles wide can balloon to thir- ty miles in a matter of weeks.


Monks can raise their body temperatures with meditation.

Tibetan monks can raise their body temperature with their minds. CRACKED.COM A 1982 Harvard study con- firmed practitioners of g-tummo yoga demon- strated the ability to raise the temperature of differ- ent parts of their bodies through meditation alone.


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