15 Very Wild (Or Very Dumb) Deaths in Superhero Comics

If superheroes died permanently, these would all be very undignified ways of doing it.
15 Very Wild (Or Very Dumb) Deaths in Superhero Comics

If you were to get superpowers, how would you die? Most people would imagine that because you have abilities that are above and beyond most mortal men, that your death would be spectacular. Like you would die saving humanity from a big alien monster that’s nine times your size and strength. Or you would be disintegrated by the sun as you pushed it back into orbit to save the Earth. Or maybe you’d be so insanely powerful, you may think death might not be an option for you.

That’s when you get hit by a yellow truck.

Just because you’re a superhero or supervillain, it doesn’t mean your death will automatically be “cool.” Many famous characters have met their end in either the most mundane way possible or the most insane way possible, but either way it’s the dumbest way possible. Here are some of the dumbest ways superhero characters have died in print.

The Blob and The Wasp

Wild Superhero Deaths Ultimatum THE WASP WAS EATEN BY THE BLOB. The Avenger was gruesomely devoured by the evil mutant, with her blood smeared on his face like a toddler eating spaghetti. CRACKED.COM

Source: CBR

Hawkeye's Pointless Sacrifice

Wild Superhero Deaths NOT LIKE THIS!! LIKE THIS!! HAWKEYE!!! Avengers: Disassembled HAWKEYE SACRIFICED HIS LIFE FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON. A Kree soldier shot Hawkeye in the back, igniting some explosive arrows in his quiver. Knowing he was going to blow up, he launched himself into a Kree warship to blow it up with himself. Instead of, you know, just removing the quiver. CRACKED.COM

Source: CBR

Stephanie Brown and Medical Neglect

Wild Superhero Deaths LADY. YOUR SMUG SILENCE IS INTOLERABLY RUDE. YOU AREN'T GOING TO PASS OUT ON ME AGAIN. Batman: War Games STEPHANIE BROWN DIED BY TORTURE PORN. Stephanie was captured and gruesomely tortured by Black Mask After being fired as Robin. But she actually died because Dr. Leslie Thompkins refused to treat her to teach Batman a lesson. N IS THAT HOW YOUR MOTHER RAISED YOU? DIDN'T SHE TEACH YOU HOW CRACKED.COM TO BE A PROPER GUEST IN SOMEONE'S HOUSE?

Source: CBR

Ant-Man and The Blob

Wild Superhero Deaths TO YOU? HEY, PA Ultimatum IT WAS NO SHE WAS PERSON PERFECT. ANT-MAN BIT THE BLOB'S HEAD OFF. As revenge for eating his wife The Wasp, Hank Pym grew to his giant self and had a snack of his own. You know, like heroes do. CRACKED.COM

Source: CBR


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