15 Movie Franchises Through the Years: Original vs. Reboot

We don't think philosophers meant this when they talked of the eternal return.
15 Movie Franchises Through the Years: Original vs. Reboot

Imagine a seed. Blossoming into a flower that falls into a petal. That collapses into the dirt. That is reborn as dust that feeds another flower. Sunlight seeping into the green. Look at it. A flower from a seed. Nothing from everything, and everything from nothing. The world changes until the world you knew is gone. There's an apocalypse every day. 

And just like your Alan Moore comics depreciate ever more as the days go by, time changes everything. Time changes you. It changed this site. It changes your hair, your fingernails. You aren't the you you were. Despite what Hollywood tries to tell you, your childhood is no longer for sale. Michelangelo and Raphael, may return but not in the garish colors you remember, not in the hard costumes of your childhood, and now, for you younger people, not in the obviously horrible CGI monsterpieces starring Megan Fox either. It all fades. And then the sun comes up, and it's new again.

Here's how all of your favorites have done. From Then to Now.

The Mummy

Original vs. Reboot 1932 2017 THE MUMMY Some things don't get better with age. CRACKED.COM


Original VS. Reboot 1990s SPEED RAGAR 5000 760 2020s SONIC Furries rejoice, your king has returned! CRACKED.COM

Star Trek

Original VS. Reboot 1966 STAR TREK Decades later, they're still boldly going. - - - 2009 CRACKED.COM


Original VS. Reboot Adventures of Superman 1952 SUPERMAN Still faster than a locomotive, stronger than tall buildings, able to leap bullets in a single bound. Man of Steel (2022) CRACKED.COM


Original vs. Reboot 2002 SPIDER-MAN 2012 Oh, hey, it's like the meme. 2021 CRACKED.COM


Original vs. Reboot ВЬ 1987 ROBOCOP From dark satire of corporate greed to hey, buy our new RoboCop. 2014 CRACKED.COM

Ocean's Eleven/Eight

Original VS. Reboot 1966 OCEAN'S ELEVEN/EIGHT 2001 The number changes, but always counts hot people. 2018 CRACKED.COM

The Lord of the Rings

Original VS. Reboot 1978 2000s THE LORD OF THE RINGS Animation to live action, the Hobbits' journey continues. CRACKED.COM

Planet of the Apes

Original VS. Reboot 1968 PLANET OF THE APES 2001 A direct reboot is rumored to be coming very soon, set in the same universe that began with Rise of the Planet of the Apes. 2010s CRACKED.COM

Mortal Kombat

Original vs. Reboot 1995 MORTAL KOMBAT What if a movie could look so much like a game, there's no real difference. 2021 CRACKED.COM

Let Me In

Original vs. Reboot Let the Right One In 2008 LET ME IN A vampire romance blooms in blood and snow. (Only one has Hit-Girl, though.) Let Me In 2010 CRACKED.COM


Original VS. Reboot 1990 IT Bill Skarsgard steps into the overly large shoes Tim Curry left him. 2017 CRACKED.COM


Original VS. Reboot 1954 GODZILLA 1998 From a nuclear weapon analog to a god-like, good force of nature (that's still a good weapon). Godzilla VS. Kong 2021 CRACKED.COM


Original VS. Reboot 1984 GHOSTBUSTERS DREAKING NEWS STAY PU PM 2016 A sequel, a reboot, and another sequel sent this franchise spinning. 2022 CRACKED.COM


Original VS. Reboot R Batman 1966 The Batman 2020s BATMAN Call him The now, please. CRACKED.COM
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