15 Movies, Shows, and Other Stuff That Were Almost Made by Guillermo del Toro

15 Movies, Shows, and Other Stuff That Were Almost Made by Guillermo del Toro

You know how time changes everything -- ripples spread and a butterfly flapping its wings alters the course of reality a thousand years away? You see stardust and you see lights that ripple and travel past like liquid waves of electricity, and you can feel that everything you do -- reading this, going for a jog, calling your mom -- will change everything for years after, for days and months, echoing forever. 

One day a scientist was out at the grocery store and she found, buried in the fruit tray, a cantaloupe. A moldy, sporey cantaloupe. On it, there was bacteria growing -- a mold -- penicillin. The majority of life-saving penicillin that exists today is from that one cantaloupe, found in a grocery store. It had been there for days. What if Mouldy Mary had come early? What if she had gone in later? The cantaloupe may have been gone, the mold may have gone unnoticed, and what then? Countless lives. Endless ripples. Days go by and you don't even think of what you're doing, but your every breath is electricity shooting out across the sky, it's breath where there was none, it's a body and a mind and a motion, and the world is changed irrevocably whenever you so much as open your eyes. 

Here are some facts about movies and television shows that could've been different.

The Hulk

Things that Guillermo del Toro almost did The Hulk Del Toro was rumored to direct a Hulk series, but with She-Hulk seeming to take up all the green big budget, this looks less and less likely. CRACKED.COM

Source: CBR

Beauty and the Beast

Things that Guillermo del Toro almost did Beauty and the Beast Years before Disney's remake of their animated version, del Toro was working on a live-action adaptation starring Emma Watson. CRACKED.COM

Source: Collider


Things that Guillermo del Toro almost did sandman The Netflix series has removed Guillermo Del Toro's chances of directing any adaptation... for now. CRACKED.COM

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