15 of the Best (and Worst) TV Shows We Never Got to See

When a show dies in the pilot.
15 of the Best (and Worst) TV Shows We Never Got to See

Seinfeld, Community, The Sopranos... Pretty much every show to have ever gone on TV has gone through a pilot phase. In much the same way that those all have lights, and sound, and PAs and film things with people who recite lines, and are shot on sets that increasingly rarely have donuts, they are the same in they all started as pilots that have to be produced, cast, shot, and then greenlit by studio big shots in expensive suits (who a lot of the time are there because they’re related to other studio big shots in expensive suits). 

So, in that way you could say that this show about a transgender, mandolin-playing Dracula is identical to character drama and Emmy award winner Jason Bateman’s favorite play, Ozark. The only real difference is the amount of episodes in the former’s seasons, which is (tragically) none. 

The best and worst of television are on display during pilot season. This is just a sample of it.

North Hollywood

TV shows we never got to see 2001 North Hollywood North Hollywood This Judd Apatow pilot had Amy Poehler, Kevin Hart, Amy Schumer, January Jones, and Adam McKay before they were stars. As it was never picked up, we'll never know how big of a hit it could have been. CRACKED.COM


TV shows we never got to see 2014 Neighbors This was a Tim and Eric co-production, with The Room's very own auteur Tommy Wiseau. CRACKED.COM

Mockingbird Lane

TV shows we never got to see 2012 Mockingbird Lane This Munsters reboot (with Eddie Izzard, Portia de Rossi, and Charity Wakefield) never made it past its critically acclaimed pilot. CRACKED.COM

The Farm

TV shows we never got to see 2013 The Farm The Dwight-centric spin-off to The Office ended up being nothing but a bad episode of its parent show. CRACKED.COM

Heat Vision and Jack

TV shows we never got to see HEAT Vision &JACK 1999 Heat vision and Jack Talking motorcycle Owen Wilson, companion to super genius Jack Black? From writer/director Dan Community Harmon? Yes, please. CRACKED.COM

Wonder Woman

TV shows we never got to see 2011 Wonder woman Dr. Phil cameoed in this show (by the creator of Ally McBeal) featuring torture, Pedro Pascal, and a terrible, Batman-like Wonder Woman. CRACKED.COM

The Adventures of Superpup

TV shows we never got to see 1958 The Adventures of superpup This pilot was just like the successful The Adventures of Superman, and was even shot in the same sets. But with dogs. For some reason. CRACKED.COM


TV shows we never got to see Ripper This Buffy spin-off was due to focus on Giles and be a BBC production. Instead, Buffy went to a Season 12 in the comics. CRACKED.COM

Star Wars: Detours

TV shows we never got to see 2012 star wars: Detours The show, made by the crew behind Robot Chicken, has 39 complete episodes - none of which has ever been seen outside of leaks. CRACKED.COM

The Orson Welles Show

TV shows we never got to see ORSON WELLES GUAW The orson welles show 1978 This talk show, hosted by the man himself, had the same feeling as watching your drunk uncle try and entertain your friends. Kermit, Frank Oz, and Burt Reynolds were guests. CRACKED.COM

Star Fox

TV shows we never got to see 2015 star FOX A Star Fox claymation show was canceled by Nintendo after news leaked about a Zelda show. What's the connection there? Good question. CRACKED.COM

Murder Police

TV shows we never got to see MURDER Murder Police 2012 CAPTAIX Family Guy with detectives, starring Phil Lamarr and Jane Lynch. The show was picked up, and 13 episodes were made - which somehow never aired. CRACKED.COM


TV shows we never got to see 2002 carrie This TV movie was meant to launch a Carrie series. It never did. CRACKED.COM


TV shows we never got to see Starring JOHN SIMPSON 3. as Archie 1964 Archie Archie Andrews is somewhere between Ferris Bueller and the guy in college everyone knows to watch their drinks around, in this show featuring Weatherbee arguing with himself for like an hour. CRACKED.COM

The Three Stooges Scrapbook

TV shows we never got to see IHKEE STOOGES 1960 SCRAPOOK The Three stooges scrapbook Seinfeld before Seinfeld, featuring the Three Stooges and less humor. CRACKED.COM
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