15 Weird (and Sometimes Weirdly Creepy) Age Gaps in Fiction

Magic and immortality can get very uncomfortable.
15 Weird (and Sometimes Weirdly Creepy) Age Gaps in Fiction

Hollywood loves a good age gap. Just look at Leonardo DiCaprio and any of his girlfriends, or literally just any male actor over 50. But it’s not just off-screen – sometimes that good romantic interest carries onto the silver screen, resulting in 21-year-olds dating 13-year-olds, which is weird and bad enough as it is… But then you get into the real weird stuff. No, no, not that kinda weird stuff. Get your head outta the gutter, come on. 

We’re talking about magic, folks. You think age gaps are weird in Hollywood? Wait until you see outer space, or the edge of time, or under the sea. Here are the weirdest magical age gap romances of all time (plus two horrible ones we could not bear not mentioning, seriously, it’s very bad). Dishonorable mention goes to every single manga or anime with a 7,000-year-old eight-year-old girl, and also to Inuyasha just because.

Wolverine & Jean Grey in 'X-Men'

weird Age Gaps in Movies X-Men wolverine & Jean Grey Well over a century old, Logan has been smitten with Jean since she was a teenager. CRACKED.COM

The doctor & everyone else in 'Doctor Who'

weird Age Gaps in Movies Doctor who The Doctor & everyone else Не is a billion years old. All of his love interests are much younger. CRACKED.COM

Diana & re-incarnated Steve Trevor in 'Wonder Woman 1984'

weird Age Gaps in Movies wonder woman 1984 Diana & (guy possessed by) steve Trevor Turning a random dude into your sex puppet is just another day in the life of a 5,000-year-old goddess. CRACKED.COM

Angel & Butty in 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' / Edward & Bella in 'Twilight'

weird Age Gaps in Movies Buffy the vampire slayer Angel & Butty/Edward & Bella Ancient vampires stuck at 21 and 18 fall in love with teenage girls, and even kill for them. Twilight CRACKED.COM

Peter & Wendy in 'Peter Pan'

weird Age Gaps in Movies Peter Pan Peter & wendy Not only is he a near-immortal sprite - he routinely abducts the daughters of mothers he's already wooed and abandoned. CRACKED.COM

Josh & Susan in 'Big'

weird Age Gaps in Movies Big Josh & susan Sometimes a magical machine makes a child grow up overnight, and then you shag him. Such is the nightmare life of Big. CRACKED.COM

Sprite & Ikaris in 'Eternals'

weird Age Gaps in Movies Eternals sprite & Ikaris Sure, Sprite thirsting after Ikaris (A.K.A. Superman) isn't really that hard to see. But if he reciprocated, things would get real weird, real fast. CRACKED.COM

Number Five & Dolores in 'The Umbrella Academy'

weird Age Gaps in Movies The Umbrella Academy Number Five & Dolores He's an old man in a child's body, and she... Wait, does anyone know how old she is? CRACKED.COM

Eli & Oskar in 'Let the Right One In'

weird Age Gaps in Movies Let the Right one In Eli & oskar Vampire Eli draws in young boys to take care of her. CRACKED.COM

Conan & Rachel in 'Detective Conan'

weird Age Gaps in Movies Detective conan conan & Rachel A child's body doesn't stop Conan from attempting to maintain his relationship with his high-school girlfriend, via recorded messages and occasional growth serums. CRACKED.COM

Kida & Milo in 'Atlantis: The Lost Empire'

weird Age Gaps in Movies Atlantis: The Lost Empire Kida & Milo Thinking of her as thousands of years old really turns Milo into a granny chaser. CRACKED.COM

Finn & Princess Bubblegum in 'Adventure Time'

weird Age Gaps in Movies Adventure Time Finn & Princess Bubblegum Finn is around ten. Bubblegum has been alive for hundreds of years. This was the show's first ship. CRACKED.COM

Jacon & Renesmee in 'Twilight'

weird Age Gaps in Movies Twilight Jacob & Renesmee Не fell in love with her before she was even born. Which, dude, WTF. CRACKED.COM

Blank Check

weird Age Gaps in Movies DISHONORABLE MENTION Blank check shay & & Preston An FBI agent kissing a child doesn't typically result in a Hollywood Disney ending. CRACKED.COM
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