15 Neato Facts For The Ambitious Trivia Hunter

Ronald Reagan helped carry out a burial at sea.
15 Neato Facts For The Ambitious Trivia Hunter

A man was born with the power of a god. His father was a carpenter who taught him to use his powers for good and against evil. When the time came, his son was sent on a quest for a magical sword that would defeat a great dragon. On his way he met up with a band of thieves led by an old rogue. This band of thieves became a gang of heroes who fought many battles and won them all. Eventually they returned home triumphant to his father's house only to find it empty. It was discovered later that the old thief had tricked the man into joining the thieves, then stolen everything. The man's family were now homeless, penniless wanderers, forced to beg and steal just to stay alive. One day, a woman saw them and offered them food and shelter.

"Bless you, kind lady! We had not eaten in two days, and your generosity is more than welcome," they gushed. The woman merely waved her hand as if to say it's nothing, but they went on, "As repayment, let us entertain you by recounting a list of fiteen facts for you. It goes ... 

A village in Sweden has had one element named after it for every 750 residents.

A village in Sweden with a population of 3,000 has 4 chemical elements named after it. Rare-earth elements yttrium, terbium, erbium, and ytterbium all hail from the small village of Ytterby. CRACKED.COM


Squirrels have disrupted the NY Stock Exchange twice.

Squirrels have shut down the NASDAQ twice by chewing through power lines. A stray squirrel interrupted trading for 82 minutes and shut its systems down in 1987, and then again in 1994 resulting in the stock exchange's own backup power system failing to kick on. CRACKED.COM

Live Mint 

Hidetaka Miyazaki was an accountant before he made games.

The Dark Souls game director was an account manager for a US company before making games. Hidetaka Miyazaki credits the game Ico for inspiring him to switch careers to game design. Не became the president of FromSoftware in only 10 years. CRACKED.COM

The Guardian 

Spy jargon like “mole” and “honey trap” were invented by a writer.

Many common terms used in intelligence agencies were coined in spy novels by John Le Carré. Carré made up terms like mole, honey trap, pavement artist, and asset babysitter for fictional agencies to make his novels feel more authentic. CRACKED.COM

Oregon Live 

Parts from a fan’s car were used in the 930’s Indy 500.

Indianapolis 500 mechanics took parts from a spectator's vehicle to fix one of their cars, without the fan knowing. During the 1930 Indy 500, mechanics spotted an unattended Model T and removed a spring they needed to fix Chet Miller's suspension, allowing him to continue the race. CRACKED.COM


Dogs are shipped to Africa to protect livestock from big cats.

Turkish Kangal dogs are imported to Africa to help protect livestock from cheetahs. The Cheetah Conservation Fund helps get the dogs to Namibia and Kenya, which reduces the amount of animals lost to cheetahs and thus decreases cheetah killings by farmers. CRACKED.COM


Lake Michigan had aircraft carriers operating out of it during WWII.

Two aircraft carriers operated out of Lake Michigan during WWII, known as the Corn Belt Fleet. The converted paddle steamers served as floating runways to train pilots in safety, including George H. Bush. CRACKED.COM

Global Security 

Ronald Reagan helped carry out a burial at sea.

President Ronald Reagan helped get late Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson a burial at sea. Using his influence, Reagan instructed the Coast Guard to carry out the burial, with Wilson making his final resting place in the Pacific Ocean. CRACKED.COM

The Guardian 

There’s a 000 page book with only one sentence.

A 1000 page book is written in one continuous run on sentence. Ducks, Newburyport was written in 2019 by Lucy Ellmann consists of a single long sentence with clauses often starting with the phrase the fact that. CRACKED.COM

New Yorker 

A children’s librarian in the NY Public Library said good day to Goodnight Moon.

Goodnight Moon wasn't carried at the NY Public Library for 25 years because the librarian hated it. GOODNIGHT MOON The classic children's book was banned for the first 25 years of its release because the children's librarian, Anne Carroll Moore, didn't find it congruent to her tastes. CRACKED.COM


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