15 Amazing Facts For The Nerd Inside Of Us

15 Amazing Facts For The Nerd Inside Of Us

A few hours after I finished my latest novel, "The Last Day of the World," a strange woman appeared out of nowhere to offer me a job. She said that her name was Mrs. T., that she owned a company called the "Dangerous Books Club," and that if I worked for her, we would become famous. She seemed like an honest person, but it didn't seem quite right that a writer would hire someone else to write his novels, or even that a writer should be so successful that he could afford not only a house in the country but also a private jet.

Just when I opened my mouth to begin asking her these things, she said "stop right there."

"First, you have to know certain things. I know what you'll ask, and I understand your concerns, but you have to understand the following before I go on," she said.

"Understand what?"

Then she started rattling off a list of fifteen facts that went like this:

No science stuff, just vibes.

The three-member crew of NASA's Skylab 4 mission staged a one-day mutiny. The crew shut off all communication with the ground control and spent the day relaxing and looking at the Earth. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Don’t show up to court in pants if you’re a lady… and it’s 938.

In 1938, a witness to a burglary was jailed for appearing in court in slacks. Kindergarten teacher Helen Hulick was jailed for 5 days because she wore a pair of slacks into court the day she was called to testify. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

LA Times

A flood 86 years ago is still being paid for by PA residents.

Pennsylvania still charges its citizens an 18% tax on alcohol to pay for damages of the 1936 Johnstown flood. The tax on liquor sales was supposed to be a temporary way to help rebuild the city after rain and melting snow led to $50 million in flood damage. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Post Gazette

Pac Man was designed to run indefinitely, so not even the creators knew how it ended.

The creators of Pac-Man did not know how the game ended as it was designed to run indefinitely. It was only when Billy Mitchell finished the game, after all its internal storage ran out, that they saw how it ended. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Great Big Story

Marvel uses female heroes to sell romance novels.

Marvel has licensed their characters She-Hulk and Rogue to be used in romance novels to lure women into comics. - - TONOS The two novels feature strong, smart heroines seeking happiness and love while battling cosmic evil. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

The Guardian

A dam in China holds back so much water it affects the rotation of the Earth.

The Three Gorges Dam in China holds back so much water that it slows the rotation of the earth slightly. When the water level is maximum at 574 ft over sea level, the reservoir created by the dam is about 410 miles long. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Business Insider

Lamborghini began as a tractor manufacturer that was fed up with bad Ferrari clutches.

An Italian tractor manufacturer was SO upset with the bad clutches in Ferrari's cars that he complained to Enzo Ferrari himself. When Enzo Ferrari arrogantly dismissed his concerns, the tractor maker, Ferruccio Lamborghini, decided to make his own cars to compete. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Funding Universe 

Corona had their reputation tarnished when a rumor was spread about pee in their beer.

In 1987, Corona sales plummeted when a rumor spread that their workers were Corona® cerveza Their reputation still suffered after the company traced the rumor back to Heineken. Surely, there is no longer a negative connotation to Corona. - CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


The first high five was documented in 977.

The first ever documented high five was between LA Dodger teammates Dusty Baker and Glenn Burke on Oct 2, 1977. After Baker hit his 30th home run of the season, Burke met him at home plate with his hand held high over his head and Baker smacked it, later saying It seemed like the thing to do. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


A fake Dutch reality show highlighted the lack of donor organs.

There was a fake Dutch reality show where patients competed for a dying woman's kidney. It was created with the intention of raising awareness about the lack of organ donors. Six weeks after the show aired 12,000 new donors had signed up. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Texas let a serial killer go to commit more crimes, so they overhauled the justice system.

An overhaul of the Texas. Justice system including more prisons and executions can be traced back to one serial killer. Kenneth McDuff, a Texas serial killer who was on death row, was paroled, committed more murders and then finally executed. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Texas Monthly 

A pilot once shot his own plane down by flying into his bullets.

A test pilot named Thomas W. Attridge Jr. accidentally shot his own aircraft down while testing the F-11 Tiger. 5 E U.S NAVY - Blue A After firing a short burst at 13,000 feet, he accelerated into a dive and leveled off to fire another burst at 7,000 feet, where he was struck by the bullets he'd fired earlier. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

History Net 

A released bird taught other birds songs its owner used to play.

In the 1930's a flute player released his pet lyrebird into the wild, which was able to mimic certain phrases of the man's music. The bird has shared the music with other lyrebirds and the same melodies are still sung by these birds today. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


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