15 Legal Battles Between Celebrities

Even better than 'Judge Judy.'
15 Legal Battles Between Celebrities

Celebrities don’t just get involved in legal issues; they also play them on TV. This makes it more interesting when they get involved in real-life actual legal cases, because then it’s like all our stories have come to life, or like when the popular girl’s diary got passed around the boy’s locker room. Sometimes the spectacle becomes so overblown, it's even acknowledged with press coverage touting it to be akin to some major sports event or real-life political battle, instead of a bunch of sad millionaires getting a divorce live on TV. 

Here are some cases of the best, worst, or more interesting celebrity legal cases — and we bet you can guess in most cases who won just by seeing whose name you recognize (more).

Celebrities are just like you and me, but when they get into legal battles we get to watch it for fun! And not even on Judge Judy.

Nicolas Cage vs. Kathleen Turner

CELEBRITY LEGAL BATTLES NICOLAS CAGE In her memoir, Turner accused Nic Cage of stealing a dog. Cage sued for libel and won. KATHLEEN TURNER CRACKED.COM

Source: Reuters

Johnny Depp vs. The Sun

CELEBRITY LEGAL BATTLES JOHNNY DEPP Depp sued The Sun for calling him a wife beater - and lost. Which you'd think wouldn't play in court, but now he's crying and everyone loves him, so who's the real loser? THE SUN THE S CRACKED.66M

Source: SheKnows

Lindsay Lohan vs. Milkaholic Baby

CELEBRITY LEGAL BATTLES LINDSAY LOHAN Lohan sued an investment site over a milkaholic baby named Lindsay in a Super Bowl ad-because who else could the baby be parodying? MILKAHOLIC BABY CRACKED.COM

Source: CBS News

Olivia Wilde vs. Jason Sudeikis

CELEBRITY LEGAL BATTLES OLIVIA WILDE Wilde was served papers by Sudeikis' lawyers while gushingly introducing a panel for her own movie. JASON SUDEIKIS CRACKED.COM

Source: NPR

Oscar Wilde vs. Sir John Sholto Douglas

CELEBRITY LEGAL BATTLES OSCAR WILDE Wilde sued for libel after Douglas accused him of homosexuality - and failed so hard he was imprisoned. SIR JOHN SHOLTO DOUGLAS CRACKED.COM

Source: History

Bam Margera vs. Johnny Knoxville

CELEBRITY LEGAL BATTLES dwei NG OF BEERS ВАМ MARGERA Former Jackass sued current Jackass due to firing him for Adderall use. JOHNNY KNOXVILLE CRACKED.COM

Source: Page Six

Harry and Meghan vs. The Sun and Daily Mirror

CELEBRITY LEGAL BATTLES HARRY AND MEGHAN Turns out, royalty hates it when you hack their phones! Who'd have guessed? THE SUN AND DAILY MIRROR DAILY NIE LA Monties June = 3.00% - ror CRACKED.COM

Source: SheKnows

Blac Chyna vs. The Kardashians

CELEBRITY LEGAL BATTLES Chyna BLAC CHYNA Blac Chyna sued the Kardashians for getting her show with Rob canceled. (She also tried to trademark the Kardashian name, so no one was doing great.) THE KARDASHIANS DA LLE SI CRACKED.COM

Source: Page Six

Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard

CELEBRITY LEGAL BATTLES JOHNNY DEPP As Depp and Heard's defamation case drags on, allegations of assault, pooping in bed, and Heard totally stealing Depp's style have been on full display. AMBER HEARD CRACKED.COM

Source: Insider

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