15 Movie Scenes (That Are Only in the Trailer)

15 Movie Scenes (That Are Only in the Trailer)

Making a movie is a hard job – you have to film hours and hours of footage, with dozens of different scripts sometimes, actors ad libbing, directors changing their minds and then they dump all of it on you in the editing bay, and you have to parse through all of the nonsense to make a film somehow. But before that, though, you need a trailer – and for a trailer, you don’t need to make sure that the shots are all the ones that make the most logical sense to come one after another, you can just make them whatever the hell you want. Whatever is new, weird or exciting, even if it would make the movie a total mess — it can all go into the exciting, fun, cool, new, sexy trailer… even if it doesn’t end up in the film itself. Because of that, you get some iconic moments from films that are never actually in the movie itself. We’re talking about stuff like…

Original Ending

CRACKED.COM Trailer-only scenes Rogue one It's a rebellion, isn't it? I rebel. This line and much of the original ending is still visible in the trailer, including a shot that was made specifically for it.

Source: /Film

Weyland's TED Talk

TED Trailer-only scenes Prometheus Most of Guy Pearce's role film was relegated to trailers featuring Peter Weyland waxing poetic about his company and technology. CRACKED.COM

Source: Xenopedia

Wake Up, Ron Burgundy

CRACKED.COM Trailer-only scenes Anchorman Wake up, Ron Burgundy is an alternate cut of the movie featuring trailer clips that weren't in the film.

Source: IMDb

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