15 Movie and TV Writers Who Put Themselves in Front of the Cameras

The ultimate self-insert.
15 Movie and TV Writers Who Put Themselves in Front of the Cameras

Writers are horrid, terrifying louts who cower behind computers in dark rooms to avoid being seen. For the most part! Sometimes writers are multi-faceted – here meaning “able to write” and “pretty.” Or at least pretty enough to pass on in the background of a film. Some writers are not only comely enough to be seen with human eyes -- sometimes, writers are gorgeous enough people would even pay to see them. Despite making a movie requiring dozens of working parts, sometimes writers are stuck in there pulling double duty. Everyone knows about the writer-director, but what about the writer-actor? It's much the same as the writer-director, in that it’s weird that a writer is doing anything aside from reading grammar books or diagramming sentences, but with one crucial difference -- they still have to do whatever the hell the director wants, even ignoring their own script in the process. Here are some writers who starred in their own production, self-inserting to the max.

Sylvester Stallone in 'Rocky'

writers on screen Rocky sylvester stallone Stallone wrote this award-winning screenplay. ДЛЕМЕЙ NEVR CRACKED.COM

Source: Wikipedia

John Krasinski in 'A Quiet Place'

writers on screen A Quiet Place John Krasinski Krasinski co-wrote, directed, and starred in this film about monsters that can hear you, like, S0000 good, dude. CRACKED.COM

Source: Wikipedia

BJ Novak, Monday Kaling, and Paul Lieberstein in 'The Office'

writers on screen er The office B. J. Novak, Mindy Kaling, and Paul Lieberstein All three were writers for the show - and Lieberstein was even showrunner. CRACKED.COM

Source: Showbiz CheatSheet

Phoebe Waller-Bridge in 'Fleabag'

writers on screen Fleabag Phoebe waller-Bridge Waller-Bridge wrote and starred in this series based on her play of the same name. CRACKED.COM

Source: NME

Kevin Smith as Silent Bob

writers on screen Kevin smith Smith has had a perpetual role as quiet stoner Silent Bob in nearly every film of his. CRACKED.COM

Source: IMDb

Mindy Kaling in 'The Mindy Project'

writers on screen The Mindy Project Mindy Kaling While celebrity-driven projects like Roseanne and Seinfeld aren't that weird, Kaling ran the show herself. CRACKED.COM

Source: Wikipedia

Seth Rogen in 'Superbad'

writers on screen superbad seth Rogen Rogen wrote Superbad with friend Evan Goldberg at 13 before acting in it as an adult. CRACKED.COM

Source: Decider

Rob Reiner in 'This is Spinal Tap'

writers on screen This is spinal тар Rob Reiner Reiner got his start as a comedy actor, appearing in dozens of movies and TV shows before directing films like Misery and The Princess Bride. CRACKED.COM

Source: IMDb

Mike White in 'School of Rock'

writers on screen school of Rock Mike white The movie's writer has a role as Ned Schneebly. CRACKED.COM

Source: IMDb

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon in 'Good Will Hunting'

writers on screen Good will Hunting Ben Affleck and Matt Damon The two friends famously wrote the script for this film that began as a live-action Splinter Cell type before becoming a Robin Williams sob drama. CRACKED.COM

Source: IMDb

Jason Segel in 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'

writers on screen Forgetting sarah Marshall Jason segel Segel wrote the film based on his own real-life issues with break-ups, stardom, and a Dracula musical he couldn't really crack. CRACKED.COM

Source: Cinemablend


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