Tell Us Now: 13 Questionable Marvel Casting Decisions

If you had Doctor Strange's powers, which Marvel casting would you change?
Tell Us Now: 13 Questionable Marvel Casting Decisions

Not everything can be perfect, even Marvel movies. So we asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What was the worst casting in the MCU?” Although there’s a debate about what constitutes being within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (especially with Spider-Man: No Way Home), we decided to accept most Marvel answers. Taking out answers that seem rooted in unconscious biases instead of actual opinions, we were left with the most common answers in two main categories: actors who don’t add much to the role and actors who were underutilized and should have been cast as a larger part of the series. 

Overall, we were surprised by how many people genuinely enjoyed all the castings with no complaints. Although we mostly agree, it’s the internet and it was made for people to argue viciously with each other. So here are thirteen characters that in hindsight Marvel probably should have reconsidered. Let us know if you disagree or if a character is missing.

Finn Jones

... TELL US NOW. FINN JONES AS IRON FIST Terrance S. tells us, Thinking about how he played the role, it seemed less like a guy who lost his parents then spent years in intense training, and more like a trust fund kid who watched a few videos on Buddhism and meditation, went vegan, got a ying yang tattoo and made 'Eastern religion' his new thing. CRACKED.COM

Gwyneth Paltrow

... TELL US NOW. GWYNETH PALTROW AS PEPPER POTTS Steven В. says, I feel she does nothing for the Iron Man series. Plus, knowing she barely cares about the MCU doesn't help my feeling towards it. CRACKED.COM

Chris Pratt

... TELL US NOW. CHRIS PRATT AS STAR-LORD Eric А. says, In the context of the Guardians movies he's okay, though Vol. 2 stretched that to the limit. I actually really like those movies, but he's constantly propped up by the other cast members. His performances are two-dimensional at best, often inferior to a character that can only say three words. CRACKED.COM

Topher Grace

... TELL US NOW. TOPHER GRACE AS VENOM Brian R. says, He's a good actor, but he just didn't make me despise him. Не needed to be more of the in-your-face rude. I didn't hate Topher's take, but didn't love it. CRACKED.COM

Tony Revolori

... TELL US NOW. TONY REVOLORI AS FLASH THOMPSON Chris S. says, This dude can NEVER be Agent Venom. It'd be Topher Grace all over again! CRACKED.COM

Edward Norton

... TELL US NOW. EDWARD NORTON AS THE INCREDIBLE HULK Maureen M. says, Don't get me wrong. I love Ed Norton in other stuff, but he did NOT play Hulk very well. CRACKED.COM

Terrence Howard

... TELL US NOW. TERRENCE HOWARD AS JAMES RHODEY RHODES Heather В. tells us, Не had no chemistry with RDJ. However, Don Cheadle was perfect. CRACKED.COM

Idris Elba

... TELL US NOW. IDRIS ELBA AS HEIMDALL Rendy I. tells us, It's not that he's bad at it, I just thought he could've played a character that's more prominent than a side character. CRACKED.COM

Jeremy Renner

... TELL US NOW. JEREMY RENNER AS HAWKEYE TUNNE CLOSED KEEP EGIT Eian W says, No one gives a sh*t about Hawkeye, and Jermey Renner playing him makes everyone care even less. CRACKED.COM

Jeff Goldblum

... TELL US NOW. JEFF GOLDBLUM AS GRANDMASTER limi Brian R. says, Goldblum seems to have streamlined his acting portfolio down to one character, a funny/smug nerd which is the same in every franchise-- Independence Day, Jurassic Park, etc.. It's not a bad trick to have in your bag, but if it's the only one Goldblum's got, they have to plug him into the right role and he shouldn't overuse it. CRACKED.COM

Evan Peters

... TELL US NOW. EVAN PETERS AS RALPH BOHNER Madeline W. nominated Peters for worst casting decision for the cynical and deliberate way he was wasted. However, it's possible his character may be used again to turn this around. CRACKED.COM


... TELL US NOW. AWKWAFINA AS KATY CHEN Angel C. says sharply, Just because you're loud, it doesn't make it funny. CRACKED.COM

Tilda Swinton

... TELL US NOW. TILDA SWINTON AS THE ANCIENT ONE Eric А. says hiring Swinton was the worst casting decision within MCU, adding, Let's not forget that problematic choice. CRACKED.COM
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