15 Facts That Live Rent Free In Our Heads

Explorers used to think gorillas were just really mean people.
15 Facts That Live Rent Free In Our Heads

"So then this other guy came over and said, 'I know you! I know you!' He says, 'You were the guy who got shot at dawn'. You remember that, Danny?"

The other soldier in the trench was not feeling well at all, because his stomach hurt. It felt like he had a knife stuck inside it, but it couldn't be, because that wouldn't make sense, and if it could be, he wouldn't feel bad, he would be dead, because he'd have gotten shot by a sniper. But he put the pain aside, and anyway he knew what this man was talking about, so he just smiled at him. And he said, "I remember."

"Yeah? Because I wasn't even sure if you were sober enough ... "

"I remember ... everything," Danny moaned, clutching his stomach.

Then his voice changed to something stranger, something that sounded eldritch and ageless, and he began recounting a long, strange list of facts, which went like this:

Man shoots cactus, cactus crushes man.

A man died when a huge cactus fell on him after BE shooting at it with a rifle. CRACKED.COM In 1982, a man named David Grundman shot a 27 foot tall saguaro cactus with a 16-gauge shotgun, causing the upper portion of the cactus (several hundred pounds) to fall and crush him. 27%

NY Times 

Ronaldo kept his boots and still helped a baby.

Cristiano Ronaldo refused to donate boots to raise funds for a child's surgery. MPOSSIR bwin . CRACKED.COM Ronaldo was asked to donate boots as the funds from their sale could help with 10-month-old Erik Ortiz Cruz's brain surgery. In true diva fashion, Ronaldo balked at the request - and decided to pay for the full cost of treatment himself.


Hunter S. Thompson shaved his head so his opponent would have longer hair.

Hunter S. Thompson ran for sheriff in 1970. BE CRACKED.COM During the 1970 Aspen's sheriff's election, Hunter S. Thompson shaved his head bald so he could refer to the crew-cut, ex-army, Republican incumbent as My long-haired opponent. 27%


We’re happier, but at what cost?

The antidepressants we pee out are making crabs angry. x CRACKED.COM About 10% of antidepressants are excreted unchanged by urine in humans, and have been detected in aquatic animals. The drugs are linked to memory issues and more passive behavior in fish, and more aggression in crustaceans.


“Happy Birthday To You” is not copyrightable.

A publisher made millions by falsely claiming copyright on the Happy Birthday song. Happy Birthday CRACKED.COM The people who falsely claimed the copyright on Happy Birthday to You, Warner/Chappell, made $2 million a year for decades until a court ruled the song to be public domain in 2016. 27%

Tech Dirt

A waitress worked her way up to smite Applebees.

The CEO of IHOP bought Applebees out of spite. BE x Applebee's Neighborhood' Caill CRACKED.COM Julia Stewart, worked as a waitress for IHOP at 16, then through hard-work became the President at Applebees, and after being passed over as CEO for Applebees became the CEO at IHOP and ultimately acquired Applebees.


Not all ecosystems don’t need the sun to survive.

Scientists believed all life and food chains depended on the sun, until 40 years ago. CRACKED.COM The discovery of deep-sea vents with whole ecosystems driven solely by chemical energy changed this view. Now it's thought that life may have actually originated from such systems. 27%


Cigarette companies wanted to blame cancer on your personality.

The research behind personality traits was funded by cigarette companies. CRACKED.COM From the 1960s through the 1990s, much of the research on 'Type A' behavior was partially funded by tobacco companies to suggest that smoking cigarettes didn't cause cancer and heart disease, being Type A did.

The Cut 

A wasabi alarm spices the air.

Japanese researchers made a fire-alarm for the deaf that emits a wasabi mist. CRACKED.COM This new type of smoke alarm uses the pungent smell of wasabi to alert anyone in the vicinity. Most people, researcher Chigusa Shimokawa says, will wake up in one or two minutes. 27%


Hotmail had hilariously weak security.

You could hack into a Hotmail account with the password 'eh! x nsn Hotmail st's new For Free Hotmal? MSN Hotmal Inbox Storage is now 250 MB and there is an increased attachment of 10 MB ew to MSN Hotmail? Sign In to Hotmal smarter way to email-FREE! UisernameGhotmail.com E-mail address: Get enhanced security for your email Help keep your inbox free from contamination with powerful span Albers and enhanced virus scanning & cleaning. Password: Egreet your Easily connect a sharel Send 5 receive e-mail from any Web connection with a huge 250MB inbox* and Sign In the ability to


Geraldo gave away US troop movements on air.

Geraldo Rivera was kicked out of Iraq after drawing a map during a live broadcast. CRACKED.COM In 2003, Geraldo Rivera was expelled from Iraq by the US military for broadcasting details about future U.S. troop movements in the country by drawing a map of Iraq in the sand, labeling where an Airborne unit was located and where it would be going next.


A footballer doesn’t celebrate goals because that’s literally his job.

Italian footballer Mario Balotelli doesn't celebrate making goals. BALOTELLI 95 CRACKED COM When asked by a reporter why he refused to celebrate his goals, he responded: Because I'm only doing my job. When a postman delivers letters, does he celebrate? 27%

The Guardian 

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