15 Bits of Movie and TV Trivia We Prepared Just For You

Think of these as our mixtape.
15 Bits of Movie and TV Trivia We Prepared Just For You

Every weekend, some people go out to a lake and go swimming. They enjoy each other’s company and drink beer and wine and listen to music on their radios. We are doing this instead because we’re here for you. So let them piña colada and finger sandwich their way through the Monterey Bay, while we dive into this pool of movie and TV trivia that we filled up especially for you. No peeing.

Guess the theme and win a modestly priced CD you’ll find at any garage sale or used music store. We will not give you this CD, but you’ll probably find one at some point, and just know, hey, that was from us. Yeah, no, we know, but we thought you might like it, and you’ve been down recently, and who else could we give our Nirvana/Limp Bizkit mash-up tape to? It’s only you, babe, it’s only ever been you. Check out our mix-tape. It’s good.

Moon Knight

Moon Knight's name is a hidden joke. As one of the most popular characters associated with mental illness, what else could he be but a Moon knight. Lunacy= moon. Coincidence? CRACKED.COM

The Simpsons

ETT Alan Moore & Thomas Pynchon Alan Moore, famed despiser of all adaptations of his work, played himself on The Simpsons. So did Thomas Pynchon. ? HOMAS ICHON IOUSE CRACKED.COM

Jensen Ackles

HE CRI CHO Jensen Ackles learned the piano to barely play it. Ackles learned to play in two weeks for a small role as a piano tutor. CRACKED.COM

Source: IMDb

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