15 of Batman's Biggest (or Lamest) Losses

You know things are REALLY screwed up when the Dark Knight takes a loss.
15 of Batman's Biggest (or Lamest) Losses

Batman. He’s one of the best and most powerful superheroes of all time, able to defeat anyone, always prepared, and constantly ready. And he loses… just all the time. There’s a rule that the hero isn’t the hero because they win – but with superheroes it seems different. Despite that, some of Batman’s best and most interesting stories are all about times he failed, gave up, or actively made things worse. Most of these losses can be seen in comics, though some have been adapted in things like The Batman, Arkham City, and Fortnite, though that last one is only a joke. Oh, wait, no, apparently it’s not a joke, one of Batman’s biggest dark losses recently was just put into Fortnite – the bad guy who keeps pubescent boys on leashes and collars. That’s fun for the whole family. The Bat Family. Here are some of the worst ways the Bat has lost in recent years.


WHEN BATMAN LOSES MARTHA WAYNE Batman's first and greatest loss. CRACKED.COM

Source: CBR

Penniless Batman

WHEN BATMAN LOSES EXIT EXIT The Joker War POVERTY! The Joker steals what even the IRS could never get to-Bruce Wayne's fortune. CRACKED.COM

Source: Polygon

Homeless and Colorful

WHEN BATMAN LOSES ZUR-EN-ARRH After being drugged and attacked, Batman loses his entire memory and devolves into the homeless, multi- colored Batman of Zur-En-Arrh. CRACKED.COM

Source: CBR

Returning Robin

WHEN BATMAN LOSES RED HOOD Jason Todd returned - not as Robin, but as the Joker. After  occurred, Jason came back as the Joker's original alias. Under the Red Hood CRACKED.COM


WHEN BATMAN LOSES No Man's Land NO MAN'S LAND Batman is alone in an isolated, earthquake-ravaged Gotham. CRACKED.COM

Mom Joker

WHEN BATMAN LOSES Flashpoint JOKER MARTHA Batman discovers in another world his own mother is the Joker. CRACKED.COM


WHEN BATMAN LOSES Batman: Superheavy BATGORDON Jim Gordon's Batman replaced Bruce Wayne when he suffered from amnesia caused by the magical healing of his trauma. Batman turned rabbit. CRACKED.COM

Dead and Resurrected

WHEN BATMAN LOSES Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader? BACK FROM THE DEAD Batman dies sometimes, but he is resurrected-through magic, science, or his own ridiculous inventions. Last Knight on Earth CRACKED.COM

Evil Brother

WHEN BATMAN LOSES The Court of Owls THE COURT OF OWLS Batman discovers his mother had a secret child, his own brother, raised as an assassin (maybe). CRACKED.COM

Alfred's Hand

WHEN BATMAN LOSES ...IS HE?! Batman: Endgame PIRATE ALFRED! The Joker infiltrates Batman's life and cuts off Alfred's hand before almost destroying the entire town. I MEAN LET'S FACE IT... THEN AGAIN, WHAT THE WELL DO I KNOW ABOUT THEATER?! ...I'VE ALWAYS BEEN MORE OF AN IMPROY MAN MYGELFE HANAMAMAHA! CRACKED.COM


WHEN BATMAN LOSES JOKER Не created the Joker, knocking the original Clown Prince into a vat of acid, which forever scarred and altered and broke the man inside. Maybe. The Killing Joke CRACKED.COM


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