Tossed salads and scrambled eggs! It’s Frasier time. Remember the old timey story of how all the people in Seattle have a dedicated problem-solver in Kelsey Grammer’s Frasier Crane? His brother Niles and his dad Dad Fraiser Man make his life hard, woman is pretty. It’s Frasier

While most shows that have spin-offs are remembered much more than their bastard children, Frasier is the one show that might be more popular than its parent, with some people not even knowing it’s a spin-off at all. Despite being a spin-off of Cheers! The show set itself apart by its twee language, complicated humor, and not being set at a bar. These all things you probably know about Frasier if you’re reading this list — but if you don’t, hey, hello Gamora, what’s up, yeah, Cheers was a popular show about a bunch of drunks and a boss hitting on his employee, but it spun off a psychiatric talk show advice sitcom about a bunch of repressive neurodivergents cold-warring each other emotionally. Here are some Seattle-worthy facts about Frasier.


Frasier Eddie was a fan favorite. The dog got more fan mail than anyone else in the show. CRACKED.COM

Source: BBC

Frasier Family Forever

CRACKED.COM Frasier The cranes are family even across universes. David Hyde Pierce and John Mahoney played Kelsey Grammer's brother and father in both Frasier and The Simpsons.

Source: IMDb


Frasier Moose's trainer gets a shoout-out. An opera singer in one episode has the same name. CRACKED.COM

Source: IMDb

Moose’s Bow

Frasier The original Eddie came back. Eddie's original actor Moose was brought out to get his final bows during the finale's taping. CRACKED.COM

Source: Vulture


Frasier Frasier is getting a reboot It's coming from the creator of a Twitter dedicated to pitching Frasier plotlines. Expect a full Cheers expanded universe by 2023. CRACKED.COM

Source: Deadline

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