15 Facts About What's Streaming in April on HBO Max

Basically, 'The Batman' plus 14 things that aren't 'The Batman.'
15 Facts About What's Streaming in April on HBO Max

Another month, another gluttonous outpouring of content is added to your streaming service choice, provided you don’t have Peacock. How are The Office reruns going? Jim and Pam still at it? 

Oh, another movie that should’ve been in theaters is out. That’s nice. Oh, and an old Tim Burton? What a delight. HBO has so many wonderful things, and also season two of Euphoria. Remember when HBO was for movies and not remembering when we all liked Westworld? Keep an eye out for the next Game of Thrones show — blink and you might miss it. 

That said, a streaming service with Chicago is a streaming service worth pretending you use when people ask you how you watch pirated things. You can’t guilt someone for avoiding the network that thought Space Jam 2 wasn’t just a meme. If you make an internet movie and believe in it hard enough, it’ll show up on here eventually. That’s probably what The Flight Attendant is. 

HBO Max, because your parents have disposable income and you want to watch Rick and Morty and/or Girls. And The Batman. Everyone loves The R-Bats.

Les Misérables (1998)

April on HBOMAX Les Misérables April 1 1998 Naturally blonde Uma Thurman and Claire Danes dyed their hair dark for the movie - even though their characters are blonde in Victor Hugo's novel. CRACKED.COM

Source: IMDb

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