Saved by the Bell is one of the most popular shows of the ’80s and ’90s. Before Friends or Seinfeld, there were the students of Bayside High and their multi-colored adventures. A daytime soap opera set in high school, and our favorite show to write about circa ten years ago or so. 

Today we live in a world where the biggest movies and shows are about a man named Doctor Strange attacking a multiversal cabinet of past superheroes, and all of the television shows anyone cares about are tie-ins to that film. So let's forget the dry media wasteland of today, and look back upon the days of Bayside High and Zack Morris. Let’s stop time for a little bit and remember what the media used to think schools were like before the days of Degrassi and Euphoria. Man, can you imagine if they rebooted Saved by the Bell with Zendaya as Zack Morris, and made him an opium addict and that explained time stopping? While we wait for that to happen, here are 15 facts.

Ferris Bueller

CRACKED.COM saved by the Bell zack Morris was Ferris Bueller. Surprising no one, Zack was created to be television's own Ferris Bueller. (Good, as the Ferris Bueller show was nothing to write home about.)

Source: People

Stephen Colbert

R LATE SH stephen col saved by the Bell stephen colbert auditioned for screech. Yes, Screech was almost the host of The Late Show. CRACKED.COM

Source: Today

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Saved by iCarly? That’s so Raven!

FREN PEP RAILY SOV you Cok Sard CLUB WO THIS THURS CLASSROOM saved by the Bell The school set was the same as in That's SO Raven. Saved by the Bell, iCarly, Victorious, and That's so Raven were all filmed on the same high school set. In That's So Raven, it's actually called Bayside High. CRACKED.COM

Source: HuffPost


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