15 Fictional Rivalries Where the Sexual Tension is Off the Charts

15 Fictional Rivalries Where the Sexual Tension is Off the Charts

Friends to enemies to lovers (and all the steps in between) are the most popular tropes around, aside from killing your dad and being accused of a crime you (probably) didn't commit. There's nothing more fun than seeing two enemies who want to rip each other to shreds and rip each other's clothes off.

Of course, in real life most things don't work like that. Despite it being Britta’s firmly held belief, most men don't immediately take their shirts off when they fight because all they want to do is kiss... but in fiction? All bets are off, baby. 

Here are some of the hottest rivalries and detestable frenemy-ships in all media, and some of the moments that prove their relationship is for real. Are most of these people gay? Yes. Is the only one on here that's not gay on here primarily because demons are genderless and because the two actors got married in eal life, which makes it the most meta-true of all of them? Also yes.

Jean-Luc Picard and Q

Hot Foes Star Trek: The Next Generation Picard vs Q What if God was obsessed with one man? Behold the answer. Star Trek: Picard CRACKED.COM

Venom and Spider-Man

Hot Foes Spider-Man Venom vs Spider-Man These are some of the most shipped Marvel characters, with Venom wanting to literally devour Peter. CRACKED.COM

The Man in Black and Inigo Montoya

Hot Foes The Princess Bride Westley vs Inigo One of the sexiest swordfights of all time consists of the two men, the Man in Black and Inigo Montoya, flaunting and showing off to each other with a smirk and a wink. CRACKED.COM

James T. Kirk and the Universe

Hot Foes Star Trek Kirk vs Universe Enemies Kirk defeated via kissing: Shahna, Miramanee, Elaan of Troyius... CRACKED.COM

Topless Robot

Zemo and Bucky Barnes

Hot Foes The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Zemo vs Bucky Zemo mind controls and manipulates Bucky Barnes like the world's most evil ex throughout the series. CRACKED.COM

Charles Xavier and Magneto

Hot Foes X-Men Xavier vs Magneto The supervillain Onslaught is a child of their hatred. The two also get very... close in the X-Men films. CRACKED.COM

Screen Rant

Wonder Woman and Cheetah

Hot Foes Wonder Woman 1984 Diana vs Cheetah Cheetah's fascination with Wonder Woman is most pronounced when she transforms herself via magic to be more like her idol. CRACKED.COM

Red X and Teen Titans

Hot Foes Teen Titans Red X VS Titans Red X hits on basically every Titan. CRACKED.COM

Kim Possible and Shego

Hot Foes Kim Possible Kim VS Shego The two often seem to be flirting more than fighting, exchanging witty remarks and smirks in between the kicks. CRACKED.COM

Captain America and Iron Man

Hot Foes Captain America: Civil War Steve Rogers vs Tony Stark The movie plays like a break up, with all of their friends having to choose sides because Cap started spending too much time with his ex. CRACKED.COM
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