15 Easter Eggs We Missed In Oscar-Winning Movies

It's Oscar night! Here are some random details of winners.
15 Easter Eggs We Missed In Oscar-Winning Movies

It's time for the Oscars! Or part of them, whatever they actually decide to air – which mostly seems the awards that pretty people will win. Which is fine, that's their job -- and it's our job is to tell you random facts about Oscar winners of days past. Someday soon we'll do another list like this and it'll feature all the films that win tonight, so let's hope anything interesting actually wins. Hopefully no one too interesting shows up, though.

But while the Oscars might be mired in controversy, the truth is it's a celebration of mostly terrible stand-up, and also after we get through that, movies of all sorts, and movies are still pretty okay most of the time. So here are some movies you probably forgot were even nominated for the Oscars, and Easter eggs hidden in them -- because Oscar-winning movies aren't all dull drama, sometimes they have a weird T. rex randomly in the background. 

Yes, believe it or not, all these films were nominated for the Oscars, and all but Fight Club won at least one.

The Shape of Water

Easter Eggs of Oscar-winning movies 2018 Production Design Directing Picture Original Score The Shape of Water Elisa might be a fish person. Throughout the film, there's numerous small easter eggs pointing at it, from where she was found, to her main attraction, to the ending CRACKED.COM

Source: Forbes

Avengers: Endgame

Easter Eggs of Oscar-winning movies 2020 Visual Effects Avengers: Endgame There's a musical motif that's only used twice. Once when Steve makes the jump across the flames in The First Avenger, his first superhuman act. It's repeated when he picks up Mjolnir. CRACKED.COM

Source: Inverse

Ready Player One

Easter Eggs of Oscar-winning movies Ready Player One SPACE VADER I AR STEVEN SPIELBERG FILM aDY 9 LayER ON NE 2019 Visual Effects The film is about navigating a maze and old games, and the logo is a giant maze, with a design aesthetic akin to Adventure, the game that started the entire adventure game genre. CRACKED.COM

Source: Reddit

The Return of the King

Easter Eggs of Oscar-winning movies 2004 Picture Director Adapted Screenplay Original Score Original Song Sound Mixing Art Direction Makeup Costume Design Film Editing Visual Effects The Return of the King A background character in Fellowship caused fans to fall in love. Nicknamed Figwit, he returned for Return of the King and even got some lines this time. (Figwit = Frodo Is great-Who Is That?) CRACKED.COM

Source: GameSpot

Jojo Rabbit

Easter Eggs of Oscar-winning movies 2020 Adapted Jojo Rabbit Screenplay Casablanca, the story of a woman on the run from Nazis with her husband in Morocco, when she meets up with her ex and is torn between them. Rosie's story? CRACKED.COM

Source: Reddit


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