15 Facts about Disney's Big Baddie Pete

15 Facts about Disney's Big Baddie Pete

Pete’s one of Mickey’s oldest frenemies, one of the longest-running heels in animation history. Created by Disney (and the dude who actually created everything Disney made, Ub Iwerks), he’s had a weird, long history running through video games — even appearing as Maleficent’s second in command in Kingdom Hearts — card games, theme parks, and all of Mickey’s movies and shows. He’s the ineffectual Bower to Mickey’s pluckier Mario

He’s been a family man, a businessman, a big monster, and everything in between, going from Mickey’s adversary to friend to just annoying guy who hangs around near him to Goofy’s supporting character. He is defined only by those surrounding him. His evolution is a reflection of the fear that those he is juxtaposed against fear. He’s like a chubby Dementor, a nightmare of everyone but also sometimes he just really likes bowling.

But who is the cat behind the mask? Is he a cat? That’s always seemed confusing. Why do he and Goofy get along so well?

Pete’s First Appearance

CRACKED.COM HELP Pete не first appeared in Alice solves the Puzzle. This 1925 short was part of a series about a live- action girl running around an animated landscape.

Source: Disney Wiki

Pete’s last name

CRACKED.COM Pete His full name is Peg-Leg Pete. This is an allusion to the fact that originally he had a peg-leg - which has since just been replaced by a more convincing prosthetic.

Source: Disney Wiki

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

CRACKED.COM Pete He's the Ghost of christmas Yet to come. Pete portrays the role in Mickey's Christmas Carol, and it's one of the only times the character has ever spoken in adaptations.

Source: Disney Wiki

Pete’s a fan of crosswords puzzles

Pete He's a fan of crosswords. GIMME THAT PUZZLE END USE NO HOOKS Pete's first appearance has him as a huge lover of crossword puzzles. CRACKED.COM

Source: Disney Wiki

Pete’s original voice

Pete не was voiced by walt Disney. Disney himself provided Pete's original voice (even though it was more grunts than words). CRACKED.COM

Source: Disney Wiki


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