15 Now-You-Know Facts That Blew Our Doors Off

Mr. Rogers said "I love you" from the bathroom scale.
15 Now-You-Know Facts That Blew Our Doors Off

There's no denying the influence Mr. Rogers has had on generations of people. Whether it was his kind, calm demeanor, or the sweater he wore everywhere, the man seemed to embody everything it meant to be a great person -- one who loved and understood the people around him. The knowledge of his loss may sting, but he's certainly left us with more than enough memories and stories to keep the legend of Mr. Rogers alive. His show is fondly remembered by millions who were inspired by the kindness of Fred Rogers and his quietly persistent message of love. 

And that message came not only from the benevolent innocence Mr. Rogers radiated in his on-screen appearances, but also from a fact about his body that he chose never to alter – because altering it would, in fact, mean he'd erase that message. Yes, we're talking about how many pounds Fred Rogers weighed.

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