Tell Us Now: 15 Small Changes That Improved Our Lives

Tell Us Now: 15 Small Changes That Improved Our Lives

An important part of being human is becoming better versions of ourselves. Growth is a natural and important part of life: from growing to an adult to full-on evolution. Aside from physical growth (which is mostly inevitable), it’s important to emotionally grow. If you don’t believe us, ask your mom who is sick and tired of still doing your laundry. 

In our quest for self-improvement, sometimes it's best not to reinvent the wheel. Sometimes you need to ask others for help. So we asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What's a small thing you've started doing that has improved your life?” (You gotta start somewhere, so start small.) The answers ranged from “stopped drinking” to “drinking” to “not answering stupid questions on social media posts.” These are all varying degrees of valid, but we rounded up the 15 easiest yet seemingly still effective ones. Maybe if we make all these changes, we’ll become self-enlighted. Maybe…

Practice daily yoga.

... TELL US NOW. DAILY YOGA Sarah R. says, I have more energy, balance, and flexibility. Work doesn't kill my back anymore now that I know how to help my body support itself. My singing voice has even improved because my posture is way better. CRACKED.COM

Drink more water.

... TELL US NOW. DRINK MORE WATER Justin K. tells us, I have less headaches, more energy, and a much better sense of wellbeing. CRACKED.COM

Walk to work if possible.

... TELL US NOW. WALKING WHEN POSSIBLE Ralph K. says, More often taking a 10 minute walk to the office instead of taking the tramway. Looking out of the train window instead of using every minute looking at my smartphone. The brain sometimes needs a rest. CRACKED.COM

Start following a regulated sleep schedule.

... TELL US NOW. REGULATE SLEEP SCHEDULE Karen О. says, Regardless of what time I work or the day of the week, I'm in bed by 11 pm and awake between 6-7 am. My energy level is more consistent, and I'm convinced this is the reason why. CRACKED.COM

Start following a skincare routine.

... TELL US NOW. FOLLOWING A SKIN CARE ROUTINE Silje S. says, Dedicating just a few minutes each day to taking care of my skin has helped my self-image immensely. It's made me appreciate my body, and all it has done for me, as well as my scars. Not to mention it's a bit of much needed self-care and time for mindful and calm reflection. CRACKED.COM

Get ready the night before.

... TELL US NOW. GET READY THE NIGHT BEFORE Dennis P. says, Ten minutes at night saves me thirty minutes the following morning. I sleep better knowing I won't be stressed in the morning. CRACKED.COM

Stop caring about the status quo.

... TELL US NOW. STOP CARING ABOUT BEING NORMAL Juliana M. says, I finally stopped trying to force myself to do things the 'normal' or 'right' way and accepted it's ok to do things differently if it means I get them done. For example, I added an extra hamper in my closet even though I have one in my room to stop ending up with clothes on the floor. I have bipolar disorder and sometimes showering is really hard for me when things are bad, so I'm looking into getting a shower chair to make showering less tiring. I guess

Journal daily.

... TELL US NOW. JOURNALING Gabe F. says, I begin and end each day describing how I feel and WHY I feel that way. CRACKED.COM

"Don't put it down. Put it away."

... TELL US NOW. DON'T PUT IT DOWN, PUT IT AWAY Danielle C. says, I saw this on a random TikTok and it stuck. It's easier to find my things when I need them, and I'm not overwhelmed by my little piles of stuff everywhere. Now it takes me less time to clean up, and I have more surface space readily available to me. CRACKED.COM

Do dishes at night.

... TELL US NOW. DO DISHES ASAP Bob W. says, I started making an active effort about 6 months ago to always load the dishwasher and start it before I went to bed and there's something about coming down in the morning to start my day and knowing there's no dirty dishes sitting out that just makes the rest of the day more productive. CRACKED.COM

If you see something, do something.

... TELL US NOW. STAND UP FOR COMMUNITY Matthew S. says, ver since learning about the bystander effect (where no one stops to help and everyone stands around watching something horrible happen because they all collectively think someone else will take action,) I have decided that if I don't do something in these bad situations, no one else will. Once one person does something, the rest usually 'snap out of it' and start trying to help as well. It's small, because it doesn't come up all the time, but it's managed to save two people's lives (heart attack and choking,

Stop replying to comments.

... TELL US NOW. STOP REPLYING TO COMMENTS Tom M. says, If I see a comment I don't agree with, I just let it pass and sink within the swamp of the internet instead of constantly digging it up with a new comment. CRACKED.COM

Adjust your rearview mirror.

... TELL US NOW. ADJUSTING CAR'S MIRRORS Jason K. swears by tilting the rear view mirror slightly up so I have to sit up straight to see behind me. CRACKED.COM

Stop caring about others' opinions.

... TELL US NOW. STOP CARING SO MUCH Connor W. says, I started caring about impressing only two people; five-year-old me, and 85-year-old me. No one else's opinion of me means nearly as much. CRACKED.COM

Listen to audiobooks.

... TELL US NOW. LISTEN TO AUDIOBOOKS Alan M. says, Sitting down to read a book is difficult. Playing a book while I am driving or working out is easy. CRACKED.COM
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