Tell Us Now: 15 Outrageous Things Rich People Have Said To Us

If we can't eat the rich, might as well make fun of 'em.
Tell Us Now: 15 Outrageous Things Rich People Have Said To Us

Although wealth is hard to measure, some economists estimate the top 0.1% of people own the same wealth as 90% of Americans. The inequality between classes is only growing. Billionaires can’t give away money fast enough to not become richer (see MacKenzie Scott's philanthropic attempts).  But many Americans work full-time and still live below the poverty line, and 64% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. It is no wonder that the super-wealthy are out of touch with everyday people. And since we can't eat the rich, we might as well make fun of ’em. 

We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What's something a rich person has said to you that makes you think you live in different worlds?” We were amazed at the ridiculous things people from different tax brackets dare to say or do, lacking the self-awareness of their own wealthy perspective. So, for now, let’s laugh instead of crying at the disparity.

Very, very expensive taste

... TELL US NOW. EXPENSIVE TASTE David А. says, One of my clients had three bottles of Johnnie Walker Diamond in his office on a Monday. By Friday all bottles are empty and he is placing an order for 3 more - apparently it had been a great week. Oh, one bottle of Johnnie Walker: $250,000. CRACKED.COM

Why rich kids never learn to share

... TELL US NOW. NO NEED TO SHARE Heather P. tells us, I was invited to a playgroup when my kids were little. It was in a gated community, which was weird, but then I pulled up to the address and it had a seven car garage. I was driving a minivan held together with duct tape. It had a huge pool, a playground, and a paved track around the property for kids to ride their tricycles around. My kids had a small dispute about who got to play with an expensive riding toy, and I told them to take

Why not just get a part-time job?

... TELL US NOW. JUST QUIT! Karen J. says, After months of unemployment during the 2008 recession, I finally got a low-paying job that requires tons of (unpaid) overtime. A friend with a wealthy husband suggested, 'That sounds like too much stress! Why don't you just tell them you're going part-time? Then you won't have to work so much!' In her mind, a job is an optional hobby and not an absolute necessity for living, and every job has a part-time option. CRACKED.COM

People can afford that?!

... TELL US NOW. LIFESTYLES OF THE RICH Noah U. says, Almost every day when I worked for the 'high value,' division of a leading mortgage servicer. When people's property taxes exceed your annual income, it's impossible to not feel like you're living in different worlds. CRACKED.COM

Not understanding the concept of lines

... TELL US NOW. POOR LITTLE RICH BOYS Adam N. says, Work at a theater. Some buses from a camp for kids from wealthy families pulled into the lot and about fifty 13-year-old boys piled out. I've never seen such a clueless group of teens. They didn't understand how to form lines and would just crowd and scream... they didn't understand how to pay and were literally THROWING $50's and $100's at me... they didn't understand how to wait for their order and would stand there actually crying until they got their food... they literally didn't know how to function.

Why can't you just leave in the middle of the day?

... TELL US NOW. A JOB? WHAT'S THAT? Rachael S. says, A man who was an heir to a big company in NYC had major interest in me, and I told him I work 8-4:30 every day. Не would expect to be able to FaceTime me in the middle of the day and would seem confused that I was working. I had to tell him 9 different times that I work 8-4:30, and I cannot FaceTime him while I'm working. Не would then try to regular call. Не didn't seem to be able to grasp the concept of working a

Why doesn't everyone go heli-skiing?

... TELL US NOW. HELI-EXPENSIVE Jesse K. says, I was working an event in the publishing industry and ended up talking to the owner of one of the companies. I mentioned that I liked to ski and he asked me if I had ever tried heli-skiing, like when a helicopter takes you to the top of a remote mountain so you can ski down. When I said no, he said, 'Oh you simply must try it. Once you heli-ski you'll never want to go back to regular skiing.' As if the only thing that was preventing me from trying it

Some people are born with a golden spoon in their mouth

... TELL US NOW. BORN WITH A GOLDEN SPOON Craig W. says, I once worked as a chef in the private box at Cheltenham horse races for a prince. The floor was covered in a chinchilla rug, he ate off gold plates with gold cutlery and gave all the staff a thousand pounds in tips. CRACKED.COM

Affording not one but two nannies

... TELL US NOW. MULTIPLE NANNY MONEY Merium F. says, Worked with someone and had to travel with her for work purposes. Turned out she's hiring two nannies to travel with her in order to take care of her three children. Also found out that the nannies are used to go with her wherever she goes, even on the most luxurious destinations. Felt like I was dealing with a royalty or some superstar. CRACKED.COM

Golf: the famously accessible sport

... TELL US NOW. GOLF: THE EVERYMAN'S SPORT Timothy S. says, Shared a taxi with a guy in Woods Hole, MA. The other passenger was clearly a different tax bracket them I am and was telling the taxi driver how golf was a very affordable hobby, as the membership fee for the club was 'only $20,000' and 'anyone can afford $20,000 if they want to.' CRACKED.COM

Go-cart yourself

... TELL US NOW. GO CART YOURSELF David S. shares, I was working concessions at a race track's go-cart event. Those actually aren't cheap to compete in so a lot of rich kids. This one little snot asks me if I like my job serving burgers I say, 'It's fine, how do you like being a rich kid?' 'It's great,' he says then his friends start bragging about his house. Then the mother comes to the window, I give her her food, and she asks if I would like a tip. I know something is coming so I very dryly

Rich enough to afford it but too cheap to buy

... TELL US NOW. RICH BUT CHEAP Pete F. says, I was in my hangar and this guy who owned a multi-million dollar car collection in one of the hangars dropped by. He'd just got back from Pebble Beach and said, 'I got $500k more for that car at the auction than I'd planned on. Oh but the poster for the event didn't fit in any frame I could find, and they wanted $150 to frame it. The hell with that, I'm not paying $150! I'm going to go to all the frame shops till I find a cheap one!

The dorm's servant quarters

... TELL US NOW. THE DORM'S SERVANTS Dariana F. says, I volunteered my college dorm room as a tour location for potential students. One girl complimented me on the room and asked how often my maid came over to clean and asked the tour guide where the servants' quarters were on campus. She didn't end up enrolling. CRACKED.COM

Pricey drug paraphernalia

... TELL US NOW. PRICEY PARAPHERNALIA Jesse L. says, As a security guard for a big bar in Hollywood, I smoked weed with the owner once or twice. The bong was a $10,000 bong called a Mothership. Не had 3 of them. CRACKED.COM

Spending money out of spite

... TELL US NOW. SPITE BOAT MONEY Corinna L. says, Old boyfriend hated his $300k boat. I asked, 'Why not sell it?' Because it took him ten years on the wait list to get the coveted spot in the marina, for which he pays $30k a year, to store the boat he hated and didn't use. So he's holding onto a toy that costs as much as an entire house because he doesn't want to lose the little slip of water that he pays for, just for that hated toy. CRACKED.COM
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