15 Celebrity Names Everyone Says Wrong

15 Celebrity Names Everyone Says Wrong

Often there are pretty interesting stories for how celebrities decided to change their family name in an effort to snag the ever-elusive-elixir of fame. And sometimes, those name-changes seemed better on paper or you get a nickname that sticks and you're forever known as “Sting.”

Some celebrities change their names in an effort to make them more recognizable or to save them grief. For every Albert Einstein who changes his name to Albert Brooks because of course he did that, who names their kid that, there's a Paul Dano that has to go through life hearing his name pronounced wrong at best and at worst, getting called Paul Draino.

But, as someone whose last name gets pronounced wrong approximately every time I say it, to the point I don’t use it professionally, I feel a large amount of sympathy with these people whose last name gets mispronounced so often, you’d think it was the lyric to a mid-’70s hard rock song.

Ralph Fiennes is pronounced “Rafe” like “Safe”

Celebrity names everyone says wrong Ralph Fiennes Rafe Ralph Fiennes - aka Voldemort - has a name as hard to pronounce as his most famous role. It's Rafe like safe, not Ralph like a normal name that people have. (While we're here, it's Voldemore, not Voldemort.)

Source: BBC America

Gyllenhaal is not Guh, but Yillen hail-oh

Celebrity names everyone says wrong Jake & Maggie Gyllenhaal Yillen hail-oh Jake and Maggie's last name is impossible to pronounce... unless you're in Sweden. Or Ikea. Because it's pronounced like an Ikea word: Yillen hailoh.

Source: Team Coco/YouTube

Chiwetel Ejiofor is Chew-it-tell edge-ee-oh-four

Celebrity names everyone says wrong Chiwetel Ejiofor Chew-it-tell Edge-ee-oh-four Chiwetel Ejiofor, being a non-white name, is near impossible for most Americans to wrap their heads around. Despite that, the Doctor Strange star has an incredibly easy to pronounce name - it's just Chew-it-tell Edge-ee-oh-Four. CRACKED.COM

Source: Showbiz CheatSheet

Guy Fieri is pronounced Guy “Fee-eddy”

Celebrity names everyone says wrong Guy Fieri Fee-eddy Despite being America's favorite wildman since we all forgot about Tiger King, Guy Fieri's last name is not said like the car, but Fee-eddy - which makes as much sense as anything else about the man.

Source: Showbiz CheatSheet

Denis Villeneuve is Den-ee Vill-nev-en

Celebrity names everyone says wrong Denis Villeneuve Den-ee Vill-nev-en Denis Villeneuve has come to fame lately for films such as Arrival and Dune, but none of that has made his name easier to remember. Despite looking like Dennis Villenview, it sounds more like Den-ee Vill-nev-en. CRACKED.COM

Source: YouTube

Chrissy Teigen mispronounces her own name so much, everyone thinks it’s ee instead of ie

Celebrity names everyone says wrong Chrissy Teigen TIE-gen Teigen doesn't pronounce her own name right. Everyone thinks it's TEE-gen instead of TIE-gen. Because of her!

Source: LIVEKellyandRyan/YouTube

Dacre Montgomery is like acre with a D

Celebrity names everyone says wrong Dacre Montgomery D + acre Despite having a name that seems ridiculously difficult to pronounce, it's actually just Dacre - like acre, but with a D.

Source: GQ/YouTube

Hasan Minhaj’s name is Ha-sin Min-haj

Celebrity names everyone says wrong Hasan Minhaj STAND HER Ha-sin Min-haj Hasan Minhaj is normally pronounced Hasin, rhyming with gas-in, Minhaj like the world's worst sexual activity. But it's actually Ha-sin Min-haj- raj. like have, sin, miniature, and what rhymes with raj.

Source: YouTube

Camilla Cabello is with a Spanish ll, not an English el sound

Celebrity names everyone says wrong Camila Cabello Cabejo Despite the... Americanness of the world, Cabello's last name is not pronounced with an American LL (CabELLo), but in Spanish (Cabejo).

Source: Capital FM/YouTube

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