Tell Us Now: 16 Actors Who Played Villains Perfectly

Some people play evil freakishly well.
Tell Us Now: 16 Actors Who Played Villains Perfectly

Everyone loves a good villain. They're the ones we love to hate, the ones who make the story interesting. Without them, the hero would have no one to foil their plans and thwart their efforts. We're fascinated by these characters, even as we're rooting for their downfall. What makes a great villain? It's hard to say, but there are certainly some qualities that all memorable villains share. They're smart, they're cunning, and they're always one step ahead of the hero. They have a clear goal in mind, and they'll stop at nothing to achieve it. Whether it's taking over the world or simply revenge, movie villains always have a motive. And above all, they're just so much fun to watch!

There's nothing more terrifying than a perfectly acted villain. So we asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What actor played the perfect villain? What made them so good?” Here are 16 bone-chilling villains worthy of all the awards. Did we leave any out?

Stanley Tucci

... TELL US NOW. STANLEY TUCCI THE LOVELY BONES Robert C. says, Не has this air of quiet menace overlaid with a shy vulnerability, for an effect that just makes your skin crawl. CRACKED.COM

Denzel Washington

... TELL US NOW. DENZEL WASHINGTON TRAINING DAY Adam M. says, After years of seeing him play the hero, it was incredible to watch him funnel that charisma into a villain role. And when he finally went all in, he was downright scary. CRACKED.COM

Alfred Molina

... TELL US NOW. ALFRED MOLINA SPIDER-MAN 2 Adam N. says, He set the standard when it comes to sympathetic villains. His motivations are simple and even admirable despite the terrible things he does. You can empathize because we've all experienced similar losses to him. You can sympathize because he's not really in control of his life. And Molina is able to perfectly deliver these traits. CRACKED.COM

Gary Oldman

... TELL US NOW. GARY OLDMAN THE PROFESSIONAL Jesse C. says, On first viewing ever, he's nothing but eye-catching and raw. Moment to moment he's getting more and more ramped up. By the beginning of the third act he's so unhinged you don't know what he's going to do next. CRACKED.COM

Ray Park

... TELL US NOW. RAY PARK THE PHANTOM MENACE Mario M. says, One of the few good and memorable things about that movie. CRACKED.COM

Javier Bardem

... TELL US NOW. JAVIER BARDEM NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN Patrick C. says simply, Не was terrifying. CRACKED.COM

Rebecca De Mornay

... TELL US NOW. REBECCA DE MORNAY THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE Peter C. says, Never seen such a cunning, calculating person. Covered every step to the end. CRACKED.COM

Kathy Bates

... TELL US NOW. KATHY BATES MISERY Jerry K. says, Kathy Bates portrayal of Annie Wilkes may have been one of the most terrifying and believable monsters Stephen King ever created. CRACKED.COM

Mark Hamill

... TELL US NOW. MARK HAMILL BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES Drew C. says, Mark Hamill's Joker was iconic. A perfect balance of comedy and violence. And that laugh, that manic laugh. CRACKED.COM

Christoph Waltz

... TELL US NOW. CHRISTOPH WALTZ INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS Dan C. says, Christoph Waltz had a perfect balance of charming and menacing. Waltz's intro starts with him putting the homeowner at, relative, ease (he is SS, so not really a calming presence, but the conversation seems relaxed at first), then he starts ramping up the pressure while now being disturbingly jovial. His ease now borne from the confidence that he knew all along about the people hiding beneath the floor. CRACKED.COM

Jack Gleeson

... TELL US NOW. JACK GLEESON GAME OF THRONES Kirsten M. says, Не was so sweet to everyone off camera, but once they were rolling, he turned into this teenage tyrant that you wanted to slap along with Tyrion. CRACKED.COM

Joaquin Phoenix

... TELL US NOW. JOAQUIN PHOENIX GLADIATOR Amanda D. says, He walked around all smug like he'd earned the right to the position he stole. CRACKED.COM

Alan Rickman

... TELL US NOW. ALAN RICKMAN DIE HARD Glenn S. says, Classy and menacing at the same time. CRACKED.COM

Colin Farrell

... TELL US NOW. COLIN FARRELL DAREDEVIL Bob W. says, Movie had a lot of flaws, I'm not saying it didn't, but I think Colin Farrell as Bullseye was a lot of fun to watch. Like they were going for just your basic, carbon copy, nuts villain stereotype in that film, but he just dialed it to 11! Every scene he's in he seems completely legitimately frustrated that he's NOT killing people at that very moment! CRACKED.COM

Michael Wincott

... TELL US NOW. MICHAEL WINCOTT THE CROW Arnór H. says, Michael Wincott was born to play villains. From his striking appearance to his gravelly voice, he just looks and feels like pure living menace, and his tour de force villain is Top Dollar CRACKED.COM in The Crow.

Thomas F. Wilson

... TELL US NOW. THOMAS F. WILSON BACK TO THE FUTURE ERVICE David L. says, Не showed tremendous range as young/old/casino/bandit Biff. Despite the fact he had no powers and was a dope, he still managed to be genuinely terrifying in every CRACKED.COM incarnation.
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