12 Huge Roles That Actors Got In Bonkers Ways

Apparently, the casting process can be way weirder than you'd think.
12 Huge Roles That Actors Got In Bonkers Ways

How did you get your current job? Did you apply from a LinkedIn posting? Did a friend of a friend tell you about an opening at their place of employment? Were you an internal hire? Getting a job as an actor isn’t quite so conventional. (Though certainly getting a job is a hard process for anyone.) As glamorous as the life of a Hollywood actor may seem, it is a lot of being unemployed and getting rejected. And sometimes that desperation may even lead to actors getting extra creative when trying to land an audition. 

We all know from entertainment news that Hollywood is a weird place, and it doesn’t stop being so during the casting process. And if these 12 stories tell us anything, it’s that the audition and casting process is even stranger than we expected. Sometimes, getting a role isn't a straightforward matter of interviewing and auditioning. Sometimes, it involves stuff like ...



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