30 Hidden Details From Beloved Pop Culture Staples

How many of these did you notice?
30 Hidden Details From Beloved Pop Culture Staples

They thought they could hide these details? From you? The absolute buffoons! The hubris is unparalleled!

They really thought they could sneak a bit of Age of Ultron foreshadowing into an Eternals trailer. Who do they think you are, some casual consumer of pop culture?? As if you wouldn’t notice the hidden Beauty and the Beast Easter egg in Aladdin, the little shoutout to Covid working conditions in Soul, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles weapons in Among Us, and the Ted Lasso homage to a Scorcese classic!

Did Dwayne The Rock Johnson honestly think you wouldn’t notice the tribute to his daughters in every bottle of his tequila brand?? Did the makers of Cloverfield actually believe you – a gigantic Lost fan – wouldn’t catch the DHARMA logo?? Did the writers of Chucky (the TV show) so badly underestimate you that they, hand to god, believed you wouldn’t immediately notice the thing where they referenced the “9 o’clock news” line from the original Child’s Play??

It would be laughable, if it weren’t so insulting. Anyway, give these hidden details a once-over to make sure that you already know them. 

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