What is fiction? This is a question that doesn't have a simple answer. Fiction can be defined as stories that are not true, but there's more to it than that. Fiction can be used to explore different aspects of the human experience and tell us truths about ourselves that we might not otherwise see. It can be a way to escape from reality or to understand it more fully. Whatever your reasons for reading fiction, it's an important part of our lives and culture.

In fiction, inconsistency can be a death knell for a reader's suspension of disbelief. If a character does something that fundamentally contradicts who they are as a person, it pulls the reader right out of the story. In order to make your fiction believable and engaging, it's important to avoid these inconsistencies within your characters. This means taking care in developing their backstory and making sure all of their actions fit with who they are as a person. Jumping around from one characterization to another will only frustrate your readers and damage the cohesiveness of your story. So take care in crafting each and every one of your fictional characters so that their actions feel consistent and real. Otherwise, you risk losing your readers along the way.

THE OFFICE not the HO CRACKED.COM Pam reminisces about using her period as an excuse to get out of gym class volleyball when she visits her old high school for a job fair. The very next season, it's revealed that Pam is excellent at volleyball, thanks to playing in school, college, and summer camp.

Source: Buzzfeed 

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE HD #brooklyn CRACKED.COM Amy Santiago sneaks into Raymon Holt's bedroom in season 1 and looks through his DVR. The next season, Holt mentions he does not have a TV in his bedroom. For most people, it's possible to either be lying or to have changed their mind in a year, neither of which Holt is known for.

Source: Fandomwire 

THE GOLDEN GIRLS CRACKED.COM Dorothy's marriage was supposedly spurred on by a pregnancy, and after 38 years her husband left her. This would make her oldest at least 38, but when we do see her children they appear to only be in their early 20s.

Source: Buzzfeed 

M*A*S*H CRACKED COM In season 1, Col. Blake asks the person on the other end of the radio to give his wife, Mildred, a message. In the next season, during a slideshow presentation, he calls his wife Lorraine.

Source: Buzzfeed 

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