15 Movies People Either Love Or Hate

15 Movies People Either Love Or Hate

Movies have been around for over a century, and during that time, their effects have evolved immensely. With the help of new technology, movies are able to create realistic special effects that make viewers feel like they're really a part of the story. Nowadays, movies have become increasingly reliant on special effects in order to entertain audiences. This is not a new development; however, over time, the use of effects has become more and more prevalent. While some may view this as a negative trend, we believe that special effects play an important role in movies and can enhance the overall experience.

There are a few movies that people either love or hate. For some, the plot is fantastic, and the acting impeccable. And for others, it's just too cheesy or unrealistic. Here are three examples of movies that fit this bill: The Godfather, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, and The Dark Knight Rises. Whether you're a fan of these films or not, there's no denying they've made a big impact on pop culture. So what do you think? Are these movies classics because of their engaging plots and talented actors? Or are they simply overrated?

Here is a list that we have complied with!

COMEDY NERD GRACKED.COM CADDYSHACK D A cast of heavy hitters, Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, and Rodney Dangerfield. Maybe my expectations were too high going in, but this movie puts me to sleep. Often referred to by your dad as one of the greatest comedies of all time, this film is losing steam after being seen by younger generations.

Source: VH1

COMEDY NERD GRACKED.COM NAPOLEON DYNAMITE ENDURANCE I love Napoleon Dynamite with everything in my being. But that being said, I can see why people may not. It's dry, it's got a very loose story, its acting is reserved, and it looks pretty cheap. The funny thing is that's exactly what many people love about the film.

Source: Joe

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