Tell Us Now: 17 Beloved TV Shows That Are Now Unwatchable

Tell Us Now: 17 Beloved TV Shows That Are Now Unwatchable

How many times have you started watching a show that you used to love, only to find that it's not as good as you remember? It's happened to all of us at some point. As longtime fans of television, people have been through many highs and lows with all sorts of beloved shows and series. There are plenty of shows that people used to love that they can no longer bring themselves to watch. Whether it's because they've gone off the rails in terms of storytelling, or the actors have left, and the replacements are just not as good, there are plenty of TV shows out there that people would just rather avoid.

It's a bummer when your favorite TV show starts to go downhill. You used to love watching it, but now it just isn't the same. Sometimes, even the best shows can lose their magic over time. Here are four beloved TV shows that have gone from amazing to unwatchable in recent years.


... TELL US NOW. X-FILES Ted K. says, Conspiracy theories used to be fun. Not so fun anymore. CRACKED.COM


... TELL US NOW. THUNDERCATS Andrew C. tells us, I would rush home from school everyday so I could watch it. I was so excited when Toonami announced they were going to start playing it in the late 90s. I made it about a week before I gave up watching it. The nostalgia was outweighed by how bad it was. CRACKED.COM

The Walking Dead

... TELL US NOW. THE WALKING DEAD Jay M. says, I think I stopped after Terminus. The show just became a 'rinse and repeat' format with no clear end in site. CRACKED.COM

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

... TELL US NOW. MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS Kyle M. says, I dedicated most of my childhood to that show, but when I decided to introduce my kids to it, my God. The exaggerated movements, the hollow convoluted storylines, I was like, 'How could I like this?' Then I saw my kids eyes glued to the screen and was like, 'OH.''' CRACKED.COM


... TELL US NOW. ROSEANNE Bethany F. says, It started out with everyday comedy for the working middle class. It was great. Then they won the lottery and things went sideways. Even as a kid I knew that the show went from relatable to ridiculous faster than Roseanne's career went down the crapper when she sided with Hitler. Don't even get me started on the reboot. CRACKED.COM

Anything with a laugh track

... TELL US NOW. ANYTHING WITH A LAUGH TRACK Kelly S. says, I never used to notice, but now I absolutely hate them. I spend the whole time thinking 'that wasn't THAT funny' or 'don't tell ME when to laugh.''' CRACKED.COM

Game of Thrones

... TELL US NOW. GAME OF THRONES Geoff F. tells US, I loved that show. I read the books, collected the merchandise, and bought the seasons on DVD. Then the last season happened, and I just... stopped. It retroactively ruined the whole series. I don't even look at the merch. The DVDs just collect dust on my shelf. I just have zero interest in it anymore. CRACKED.COM


... TELL US NOW. HOUSE Robert C. says, I used to love that show, but once I started working in the medical field it just became way too unrealistic for me to keep watching it. No patient would ever get a team of 5 doctors devoted solely to their care, and those docs wouldn't also function as lab techs and radiologists. CRACKED.COM

Gilmore Girls

... TELL US NOW. GILMORE GIRLS Jackie F. says, I enjoyed the writing and many of the characters when I first started watching it, but upon rewatching (a couple of times), I see how truly awful the main characters were (and what terrible decisions they made, in spite of how intelligent they were supposed to be). CRACKED.COM

How I Met Your Mother

... TELL US NOW. HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Melyssa P. says, I used to think Barney was hilarious, but now he seems like he should be on a National Registry. CRACKED.COM

The Cosby Show

... TELL US NOW. THE COSBY SHOW Martin В. says, I watched the show as a young child. At that time there were very few Black people in my home country, but the show helped me focus on them as people, despite our different skin colours. Pretty much everything good featuring Cosby is nullified, due to the revelations of what he was secretly doing for decades. CRACKED.COM

Family Matters

... TELL US NOW. FAMILY MATTERS Adam N. says, When I was a kid, I loved it. Especially Urkel. But watching it as an adult... as it went on, the entire show basically started to feel like nothing but 30 minutes of set-ups for Urkel to utter catchphrases. Tried watching a few episodes a few years ago, and I just couldn't. It really degenerated as Urkel became more and more popular. CRACKED.COM

The Dukes of Hazard

... TELL US NOW. THE DUKES OF HAZARD DI Thomas О. says, I loved it as a kid because of the car stunts but when I tried watching it again the allure and nostalgia quickly faded and I realized it was a mediocre show. CRACKED.COM


... TELL US NOW. CHEERS Kate R. says, Sam was this super cool ladies man. As an adult, I rewatched it and was nothing but horrified by the obscene misogyny and complete disregard for consent...all played for laughs. CRACKED.COM

The A-Team

... TELL US NOW. THE A-TEAM Richard R. says, I used to love The A-Team as a kid, and got excited for every new episode to come on to see what new adventure they were getting up to this time. Watching it now though, it's so cringey and unrealistic, and EVERY EPISODE IS THE SAME. CRACKED.COM

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

... TELL US NOW. BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Sascha z. says, If one show defined peak television before it occurred, Whedon's show did it. While the modern and progressive tone still holds up today, the allegations that have come to light recently about Whedon shed a darker light on the iconic show. CRACKED.COM

The Big Bang Theory

... TELL US NOW. THE BIG BANG THEORY Alan R. says, I thought it was funny at first. Once the nerds started getting more girls than a Chippendales dancer and impossible situations like going into space, I hated everything about that show. CRACKED.COM
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