Even the MCU's top names had to start somewhere, and these movies highlight some of Marvel's most well-known performers before they became famous. The MCU is frequently used as a springboard for some of Hollywood's most well-known actors. Despite this, many performers made their debut in really sold roles elsewhere. Many of the MCU's top stars had to work their way up via smaller films and gain popularity so that they could wear their superhero avatars.

These talented didn't start their careers as well-known Avengers members. They, like most other actors, had to start with little performances as well as supporting appearances in small productions like made for TV movies.

It makes sense if you think about it. It would be nearly impossible for Marvel to cast first-time performers in the MCU. Most of these actors have done a surprising number of things before donning the cape, shield, and/or hammer. Here are 15 of the MCU cast members' earlier (and sometimes earliest) roles.

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