14 Ingenious Uses Of Foreshadowing in Action & Adventure

Little Finger definitely read "A Song Of Ice And Fire" beforehand.
14 Ingenious Uses Of Foreshadowing in Action & Adventure

What is it about foreshadowing that enthralls audiences? We're not immune either--we love a bit of foreshadowing, prefiguration, easter egg laying or just a plain old HINT. It shows that the creator of the work has intentionally crafted his world from beginning to end, that nothing has been left to chance. In a reality that can sometimes feel overwhelming and chaotic, well, there's something both comforting and impressive about a creator that is planning every last detail.

We did a deep dive to find more than a dozen ingenious cases of foreshadowing in action and adventure in movies and television.

Little Finger had a bad case of “Meta Mouth,” spoiling three important deaths before they happened. He must have read the books. 

From the weird ‘chicken eating the rock scene’ in Moana foreshadowing the battle with the character voiced by Dwayne ‘the Rock' Johnson to the ‘Thriller’ tee shirt that young adelaide wears in the beginning of ‘Us’…well let's just say we found some very surprising examples we definitely missed on first watch.

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