Vine vs. Tiktok: Which Is The Superior Video Platform?

If you’re old enough to have ever used a flip phone, this article will be unreadable.
Vine vs. Tiktok: Which Is The Superior Video Platform?

Welcome to Cracked VS! Let's end the debate today: Which video platform should reign supreme, Vine or TikTok? 


CRACKED VS FIGHTER PROFILES Vine TikTok CRACKED.COM VINE TIKTOK Short video •Long videos (compared to our loops attention span) Bought by Absorbed Twitter Videos escape Lives on in the platform and YouTube flood other social compilations media platforms
CRACKED VS HUMBLE BEGINNINGS VINE TIKTOK GRACKED.COM Chinese social Founded in media service June 2012 and that merged with purchased by, which Twitter in hosted user-created lip October of the sync videos, in same year 2018
CRACKED VS CONTENT VINE TIKTOK 10 км 47K d TikTok 62.7K Billions of videos and counting - ol CRACKED.COM Every variety of A few funny video imaginable, videos of from fist fights, to everyone trying animals playing to make a rapid tiny instruments, fire joke, in a to social activism, landslide of to animals fist complete trash fighting
CRACKED VS USER PRIVACY VINE TIKTOK ... - GRACKED.COM Odds are, no Sends your one saw your credit card videos, so number your privacy straight to was safe the ССР
CRACKED VS VIDEO LENGTH VINE TIKTOK CRACKED.COM 6 seconds, Up to 3 full minutes, and you'd perfect better believe amount to people fill up that make a quick entire time even if joke and they've run out of things to say leave
CRACKED VS EDITING VINE TIKTOK CRACKED.COM Tons of editing People would tools allows for put anything greenscreen, on their head filters and to signify they effects, and an are portraying obnoxious a different text-to-speech character robot voice
CRACKED VS STARS VINE TIKTOK CRACKED.COM Unfortunately, 17 year old Charli D'Amelio has the Vine gave us most followers Logan Paul on the platform, which in turn so she'll gave us Jake probably box Paul Jake Paul soon
CRACKED VS THE DECLINE VINE TIKTOK Instagra INDIAGA tories and Live CRACKED.COM Despite it coming When Instagram out that TikTok is introduced more or less just Stories, they Commie spyware, pushed Vine out their influence of the Bite-Sized has only grown in video space the West
CRACKED VS HIGHEST LEVEL OF USER FAME VINE TIKTOK - - ALW - CRACKED.COM Being included in Xi a Vines That Give Me A Reason Jinping To Live (vol. 24) YouTube slides in compilation that has 100 million your DMs views
CRACKED VS VERDICT WINNER: VINE V For all its faults, Vine had the good sense to limit how long users could embarrass themselves in front of the camera, even when that made it easier for competitors to overtake Vine's spot in the social media hall of fame. CRACKED.COM
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