14 Stars Who Brought Their Off-Screen Talents to Their Roles

Acting isn't always just about acting.
14 Stars Who Brought Their Off-Screen Talents to Their Roles

When considering celebrities, it's easy to get star struck or consumed with jealousy when we consider their achievements and the lives they lead. It's also easy to forget just how talented these human beings often really are.

It's not surprise then, that many famous celebrities and movie stars often have some significant talents that we never even get to see. We wanted to explore more than a dozen times stars brought their off screen talents to their on screen roles.

For example, Christopher Lee is actually an accomplished fencer and swordsman, a skill he got to show off as Count Dooku in Star Wars.

Just because someone is on TV and movies, that doesn’t mean spouting lines for the camera is all they can do. Stars are people just like us (yeah, really), with their own interests, hobbies, and pointless entrepreneurship majors. And sometimes, what they learned on their own makes their way to the screen -- as in these cases.

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Christopher Lee's Swordmanship

CHRISTOPHER LEE was an accomplished fencer. Count Dooku's distinctive curved lightsaber was made to resemble the hilt of real-life thrusting weapons, the better for Lee to show off his swordsmanship skills.

Source: Screen Rant

Daryl Hannah's Gymnastics

DARYL HANNAH turned Pris into an acrobat. The fight between Pris and Deckard was going to be very different, with the replicant and the blade runner using weights and barbells as weapons. The scene was re-written to showcase Hannah's gymnastic skills.

Source: Empire

Alicia Vikander's Ballet

ALICIA VIKANDER's Ava is a robo-ballerina. While the main robotic character in Ex Machina never dances, Vikander still drew from her ballet background to give Ava her uncanny, mechanical body language.

Source: Wired

Skinny Pete's Piano

SKINNY PETE really knows how to hit the ivories. Actor Charles Baker finessed his way into showing off his skills as a classically trained piano player in Breaking Bad - which made us all wonder about Pete's past.

Source: Vulture

Christoph Waltz' Languages

CHRISTOPH WALTZ is a true polyglot. Waltz didn't need any coaching for Inglourious Basterds - he does fluently speak all those languages. However, he plays it down as just a part of traveling around Europe. If you needed Cherokee to order dinner, you'd speak Cherokee, he has said.

Source: CBS News

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