30 Ultra-Famous People With Incredibly Odd Hobbies

30 Ultra-Famous People With Incredibly Odd Hobbies

Everyone’s got their thing that keeps them going. Moms all over love their Precious Moments collections, while we all have that one cousin who is way too into natural wine to the point where it makes you want to drink anything but. (What is so great about natural wine anyway?)

It turns out, though, that us regular folk are not alone, and celebrities have little quirks and hobbies that keep them going in-between roles, too.

Take Henry Cavill, for example. It wasn’t his size and brute strength that made him such a great Geralt. It was quite the opposite, and came down to the fact that he’s one of the biggest nerds of all time and a certified World of Warcraft addict. J.R.R Tolkein did some side work as a Santa impersonator of sorts. And Quentin Tarantino, the man behind some of Hollywood’s most violent movies? An avid board-game collector. 

Here are 30 surprisingly odd hobbies of famous people…

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