The roaring ‘20s had only just begun and people were already…starting fascist states? Crashing into each other in the sky? Well, a hundred years ago feels so familiar all of a sudden. 

Here’s some more things that happened a good century ago to make you ponder all things past and present.


THE YEAR WAS 1922... THE USSR WAS FORMED NEW LAPTEV SEA SIBERI M - ROLA VERYOX KARA NEW SEA ~ Arkhangel Taynige Nordvil TAMAL PER AU TUNDRA T لا PAN gd Usha Volochonka Dudinka Non Udzha Balekhard Igorka Verkhayark S .Agoto MOUNTAINS NOP Tarko Gienet Arto OF UNION Sale Lurukhansk Arctic Circla Behevaklo RUSSIAN Noginskiy B .. Ferm Serov / Bogaorhe adidas Malylko Tura E Kazon Micholy Tobolsk E R SOVIET OF de ower FEDERATIVE Poligus evenBund Vorogovoa Komsa Yortsevo Ankacho Vilyuysk Yokutsk REPUBLIC Tagil MTNS Sanovat Ango o Saverdlovsk SOCIALIST SOVIET AND URAL ©Chelyabinek Irtysa SOCIALIST Ural's Petropavionale Omnke


James Joyce's Ulysses

THE YEAR WAS 1922... ULYSSES WAS FIRST PUBLISHED IN PARIS ULYSSES JAMES JOYCE BY James Joyce's famous work was first published in full on his birthday February 2, 1922, in Paris by Sylvia Beach at the Shakespeare and Company Bookstore. CRACKED.COM


Deadly typhoon

THE YEAR WAS 1922... THE 1922 SWATOW TYPHOON HIT SWATOW (NOW SHANTOU) IN CHINA, KILLING MORE THAN 5,000 PEOPLE IN THE CITY WITH A POPULATION OF 65,000 It's one of the deadliest typhoons ever recorded. Nearby villages were destroyed, ships were wrecked, and the total death toll is estimated to be above 60,000. CRACKED.COM


A famous unsolved murder

THE YEAR WAS 1922... THE HINTERKAIFECK MURDERS HAPPENED Regarded as Germany's most famous unsolved crime, the killing of a family of five and their maid on a farmstead in Bavaria shook not only the country but also the world as details emerged of the unknown killer who-by the look of the crime scene-spent days after bludgeoning the family to death staying in their home and feeding their animals while the bodies were decomposing in the barn. CRACKED.COM


Irish Civil War

THE YEAR WAS 1922... THE IRISH CIVIL WAR BROKE OUT Following the end of the Irish War of Independence in 1921, the Anglo-Irish treaty was signed in London in December of that year. Some of the Irish republicans, however, were not on board with the treaty and a civil war broke out. CRACKED.COM


Reader's Digest

THE YEAR WAS 1922... THE FIRST ISSUE OF READER'S DIGEST WAS PUBLISHED IN THE U.S Reader's Reader's Reader's Readers Long Live Digest 4True Digest 20 честа YOUR BRAIN - - Digest Digest YOUR PET BRAINS Every Retr's Best Food - FASCINATING Hidden FOODS AMERICA Powers THAT FACTS UNSOLVED - TASTY HEAL THAT ARE FALME - 13 Prom Experts ACTS OF GENEROSITY MYSTERIES Miracle TRUTHS You Won't ABOUT DNA FROM SCIENCE, Forget CBD - REL NIONS - - - CRIMEA HISTORY - The Led New - Injured I - - - - - 10 - en Tips be - the AGAZIO جمعية Type


Dutch election

THE YEAR WAS 1922... THE NETHERLANDS HAS ITS FIRST GENERAL ELECTION UNDER UNIVERSAL SUFFRAGE a sourc Gronde jettelike Geljks/felling Mac to E THE VEREENIGING sur FRA OIL an VOOK VROUWEN KIESRECHT. CRACKED.COM Almost all the major parties had a woman elected, and female representatives increased from one to seven.


Babe Ruth

THE YEAR WAS 1922... BABE RUTH SIGNED A THREE YEAR CONTRACT WITH THE NEW YORK YANKEES RW YOR At $52,000 a year, it was more than twice the largest sum ever paid to a player. CRACKED.COM


Star studies

THE YEAR WAS 1922... ANNIE JUMP CANNON'S SPECTRAL CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM WAS ADOPTED BY THE INTERNATIONAL ASTRONOMICAL UNION A woman of many firsts in the science world, she was known as the census taker of the sky and forever changed how astronomers classify stars. She herself classified about 350,000 stars, manually. CRACKED.COM


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