Weird World: 12 Counterintuitive Events

Sometimes, the Almighty just likes to troll us.
Weird World: 12 Counterintuitive Events

Every new year begins on a positive note (or at least we hope!). The fact is, modern times have made us question this assumption HARD.  Things have been straight up rough out there for many people, and we’ll be dag nabbed and dog gummed if we know what’s coming down the pike next (ed note: this does not constitute authorization either to dag nab or dog gum any Cracked staff or it’s affiliates). Look, let’s just say recent history has made us wonder what the "new normal way of life" might look like. We’ve all had a chance to ponder he the expression "unprecedented times" a bit more. 

Sure, the world is strange. That's something we're all aware of. But every now and again, you're simply taken aback by how, uh, strange things can get.

Are you excited yet?? Okay, us neither, but it’s worth recounting some some more bonkers things that actually happened. Scroll down for some truly wild stuff.

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