16 Facts About Comic Book Movies, Music, and Straight Up Burglary

16 Facts About Comic Book Movies, Music, and Straight Up Burglary

What’s up, everyone? Cracked just wanted to put together a quick article about some of the most common misconceptions when it comes to comic book movies, music, and burglary.

We all love a good fact. They are the perfect way to start a conversation and make you sound smart. But did you know that facts can also be fun? That's right, by learning some interesting facts about the world around us, we can add some extra enjoyment to our day-to-day lives.

Comic book movies are all the rage these days and for a good reason. They're exciting, full of action, and often well-made. But what many people don't know is that comic book movies aren't a new phenomenon; they've been around since the late 1800s. And while comic books might have started off as a children's medium, they soon became much more complex and mature, dealing with weighty topics like racism, social justice, and war. So if you're a fan of comic book movies or just want to learn more about them, read on! You might be surprised by what you find.

INSTEAD OF USING CGI, SPIDERS IN 'SPIDER-MAN' AUDITIONED FOR THE ROLE AND WERE ALMOST PUT IN TINY COSTUMES CRACKED.COM For the scene where a spider crawls around Peter Parker, the filmmakers tried to use computer animation but were not happy with the result. Thus, the great spider Olympics commenced; the films propmaster reached out to Steven Kutcher, entomologist to the stars, who had a bunch of the creepy crawlers audition for Sam Raimi, performing tricks. The winning spider, a Steatoda grossa, wasn't the color they wanted so Kutcher wanted to design a costume for it to wear, but in the

AN ART THIEF USED A PRICELESS SKETCH AS A BANDAGE FOR HIS BOOBOO, THEN CHUCKED IT CRACKED.COM While the National Art Gallery in Athens was closed for renovations in 2012, two thieves dressed as builders entered the gallery, with one intentionally setting off an alarm in a far off part of the building. While security was off dealing with the alarm, the other thief made off with four pieces: Picasso's Woman's Head, Piet Mondrian's Stammer Mill With Summer House, another painting by Mondrian, and a sketch by Guglielmo Caccia from the 16th century. When he saw he had cut himself

A BURGLAR WORKED SPIDER-MAN AND BATMAN FILMS, TO STEAL COSTUMES CRACKED.COM In 2001, four costumes vanished from the set of the first Spider-Man film while filming was still ongoing. Detectives investigated for 18 months before tracking them down, in Japan, L.A. and New York, and all of them had once been in the possession of Sony security guard Glenn Gustafson. The previous decade, working security at the Warner Bros. studio that had shot Batman Forever, a $150,000 batsuit went missing, along with a mannequin. In the end, investigators weren't able to tie Glenn to the Batman theft, but he pleaded

EVERY CHRISTMAS, THE BESTSELLING BRITISH SINGLE IS A NEW SONG ABOUT SAUSAGE ROLLS CRACKED.COM For the last three years, the Christmas number one in Britain has been a novelty song about sausage rolls, a new one every year. In 2018, a YouTuber named LadBaby with no previous musical experience recorded We Built This City, which was a parody of the Starship song only about sausage rolls instead of rock 'n roll. In 2019, he did I Love Sausage Rolls, another parody that did the exact same word substitution as the last one. In 2020, he came back again with Don't

SALLY FIELD PLAYED AUNT MAY AS A GIFT TO A DYING FRIEND, AND HAD NOTHING POSITIVE TO SAY ABOUT IT AFTERWARDS CRACKED.COM Sally Field and Laura Ziskin started a company together in 1984 and made seven films, so when Ziskin was diagnosed with cancer and asked Field to be a part of her last project, it was hard to say no. Field played Aunt May in both Amazing Spider-Man movies (the ones no one likes, and if they retroactively act like they are good movies just because of No Way Home, they are lying), and told Howard Stern she did

A MARRIED WOMAN SNEAKED HER JAILED BOYFRIEND OUT OF PRISON IN A DOG CRATE CRACKED.COM Lansing Correctional Facility in Kansas had a program in 2005 where dogs came to train with prisoners. Toby Young, whose job it was to bring the dogs to the prison, fell in love with inmate John Manard after he stepped in to protect her from another prisoner. On February 12th, 2006, Manard squeezed into a dog crate and Young transported him out of the prison with her dogs. They hid in an isolated cabin in Tennessee, but were caught during a day trip into Chattanooga.

MIKHAIL GORBACHEV RELEASED AN ALBUM OF BALLADS IN 2009 FOR CHARITY CRACKED.COM Gorbachev's wife Raisa died of leukemia in 1999, within just two months of being diagnosed. 10 years later, with the help of Andrey Makarevich, the founder of Russia's oldest rock band, Mashina Vremeni, Gorbachev recorded a CD of love songs to raise money for a cancer research charity created in his late wife's honor. Не went to London to auction off the recording, and he also performed a song live there. Someone at the auction paid $164,940 for the only copy of Songs for Raisa. The bidder's identity

JAMES CAMERON WROTE A TREATMENT FOR A 'SPIDER-MAN' MOVIE IN THE '90s, AND IT WAS WEIRDLY HORNY CRACKED.COM The 47 page outline by Cameron was light on details, consisting more of a summary of events that would take place and not going into much detail, except for a few scenes that were written out in full. One of these scenes was a bizarre sex scene wherein Spider-Man whisks away Mary Jane (who he has interacted with only once prior, and who does not know his identity), restrains her with webs, and recites a monologue that compares his technique to the

THE FIRST TIME WARPLANES EXCHANGED FIRE, IT WAS TWO AMERICANS FAKING BEING ENEMIES CRACKED.COM The very first dogfight happened during the Mexican Revolution. Fighting for the Revolutionaries was Dean Ivan Lamb, an American who'd traveled from New York down to Naco in Mexico as a mercenary. Fighting for the establishment was another American mercenary, California reporter Phil Rader. Lamb got in a plane to attack Rader, who was already in the air in a bomber. The troops below watched as the planes flew in parallel, with the two men exchanging pistol fire. But what no one on the ground realized

A SOCCER GAME IN MADAGASCAR ENDED WITH THE SCORE 149-0, AND A BUNCH OF SUSPENSIONS 16 10 CRACKED.COM During the pentultimate match with Domoina Soavina Atsimondrano (DSA) in the tournament for the national championship, Stade Olympique l'Emyrne (SOE) received a penalty and lost their shot at first place. They played another game, this time against AS ADEMA Analamanga (Adema), but no matter the result, SOE was guaranteed second place. As a protest, SOE kicked the ball into their own goal during the final match, 149 times, while Adema sat back and watched. The league punished them by taking away their

A PLANE CRASHED ON RIKERS, AND PRISONERS SAVED PASSENGERS FROM THE WRECKAGE DCC DZ DOC DXC NEW YORK CITY DO CORRECTION CRACKED.COM Northeast Airlines Flight 823 took off from LaGuardia in New York on February 1, 1957, headed for Miami. Within the first minute of takeoff, it crashed on Rikers Island, home to the biggest jail in the US. Both prison guards and inmates rushed to the plane to help passengers and crew get free of the flaming wreckage. The warden actually let inmates out of their cells to help with the rescue efforts. 20 passengers died in the crash,

'I SAW MOMMY KISSING SANTA CLAUS' WAS WRITTEN AS A COMMERCIAL JINGLE, AND CONDEMNED BY THE CATHOLIC CHURCH CRACKED COM The original version of I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus was recorded by 13-year-old Jimmy Boyd in 1952. It was conceived not by any record company but by Saks Fifth Avenue, the department store. In Boston, the Catholic Archdiocese officially condemned it, objecting to the single implying even a tenuous link between sex and the religious holiday. Tommy Boyd actually met with church leaders to convince them the song was harmless, and the Boston priests agreed to change their position.

FINLAND DEFEATED SOVIET EXPLOSIVES WITH THE POWER OF POLKA CRACKED COM During WWII, the Soviets laid down landmines that they could detonate remotely, using radio waves. The way they set it up, the mines were all tuned to the same radio frequency, but each one of them could be triggered by its own unique series of chords. In time, Finland would figure out how to disarm them, but till then, there was always the risk that any mine would blow. What the Finns needed to do was to jam the radio signals using their own broadcast. So they chose to

A BRITISH MAN PANTSED A LAWYER TO (SUCCESSFULLY) WIN A CASE CRACKED.COM When Alfred Wintle's cousin Kitty Wells left her estate (worth £4 million in today's money) to her lawyer in 1947, rather than to Wintle's sister Marjorie who cared for her during her last days, something seemed fishy, but no one wanted the case. Wintle set up a meeting with the lawyer, Frederick Nye, in an apartment, and then when Nye arrived, Wintle took out his gun and forced Nye to sign a check to Marjorie for around 1 percent of what Kitty had left behind. And then he

DRAMAMINE BECAME A NAUSEA CURE BY ACCIDENT CRACKED COM Johns Hopkins scientists Leslie Gay and Paul Carliner developed Dramamine as an antihistamine. In 1947, a woman showed up at their allergy clinic with a case of hives and was willing to try out their experimental drug. Compound 1694 cleared the hives up. Also, possibly related to the little yellow pill, she didn't feel motion sick on arriving at the clinic, despite taking the streetcar, which normally made her want to hurl. Gay and Carliner tried giving the drug to other motion sick people, and it caused instant relief. Then, for

NO, THE MYSTERIOUS ROMAN ARTIFACTS PROBABLY AREN'T KNITTING AIDES CRACKED.COM Researchers have proposed many theories about the Roman dodecahedron, an ancient and mysterious object archeologists have found in hundreds of sites across Europe. Many people are convinced they were used as a tool for knitting, but it's not so cut-and-dry. The knitting theory spread so widely because of viral videos in which people make gloves using replica dodecahedrons. As far as we know, knitting didn't exist in ancient Roman times and wouldn't be invented for nearly a thousand years after these dodecahedrons were made. It's possible these artifacts are the
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