15 Horrid Things Food Companies Let Us Shove Into Our Gaping Maws

15 Horrid Things Food Companies Let Us Shove Into Our Gaping Maws

The more we discover about the negative consequences of food manufacturing, the more anxious we get about feeding ourselves. As they say, there really is no free lunch.

It is now widely acknowledged that our food has a significant environmental impact. Agriculture accounts for over 30% of global emissions. Pesticides and herbicides used to grow our food are mostly to blame for environmental degradation and devastation. But, in terms of environmental impact, which foods are the worst? Most of your favorite foods, at the risk of alarming you, are definitely among the worst!

In a system of mass production, the objective is to manufacture as much product as possible at the lowest possible cost. You might notice some cheap, shoddy quality in things like vehicles and toys, but when it comes to products we ingest, cutting corners can be downright nasty. Here are 15 moments when food corporations went too far.

BURGER KING'S HORSE MEAT BURGER KING TM CRACKED.COM In 2013, European meat suppliers were caught mixing horse meat with beef. The top company involved was Burger King, and after trace amounts of horse meat were found in their supply chain, they immediately switched suppliers.

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McDONALD'S VEGETABLE OIL NTXX CRACKED.COM In 1990, McDonald's switched from beef fat to vegetable oil to cook their fries. Vegetarians were thrilled until discovering the vegetable oil still contained beef products. A lawsuit awarded $10 mill to Hindu and vegetarian groups.

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CHIPOTLE Е. coli OUTBREAKS CHIPOTLE E-COLI MEXICAN GRILL CRACKED.COM In 2007, Kansas City University food safety professor Dr. Douglas Powell warned that Chipotle was a ticking time bomb for a food borne illness outbreak. Не was proven right in 2015 when 55 people contracted Е. coli, and 21 were hospitalized.

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TACO BELL'S MYSTERY MEAT YOU ? CRACKED COM In 2011, a lawsuit claimed that Taco Bell's beef was only 35% meat, and according to the USDA, it can't really call itselfbeef. Taco Bell spent millions trying to debunk the claim, stating that it's 88% beef, leaving us wondering what's in anywhere from 12-65% of that meat.

Source: npr

EXPIRED MEAT KFC CRACKED CON In 2014, undercover reporters filmed an American-owned Shanghai factory changing the dates on expired meat before sending it to McDonald's and KFC locations in China. KFC's parent company, Yum Brands, dropped the supplier, while McDonald's used the same company but a different plant.

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PINK SLIME CRACKED COM In 2011, Jamie Oliver told us about fast food's leftover beef trimmings treated with ammonium hydroxide, or Pink Slime. The industry lost $400 million in sales, shut down 3 plants, and McDonald's, Taco Bell, and Burger King announced they no longer use pink slime, but the product has been making a comeback in recent years.

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