15 Times Hollywood Was Guilty Of Whitewashing In The 21st Century

15 Times Hollywood Was Guilty Of Whitewashing In The 21st Century

White people continue to obtain lead roles as well as collaborate with top filmmakers, they have always been the 'greatest,' and the culture will be rigged in their favor.

The thing is, Hollywood bending over backwards to have white people play other races, instead of you know--just casting an actor of that race or culture--is a tale as old time.

When you hear that John Wayne played Mongolian Chief Genghis Khan in 1956 or Yul Brynner played the King of Siam in 1951, you think to yourself, "Yeah, but it was the 1950s, and that's just how it was back then." The problem is far from over.  Don't believe us? We were shocked too, but despite all the popular outrage the problem continues today.

Do we have even have to bring up Ghost in the Shell? Come on man!

Scope these 15 wild and egregious incidents of whitewashing that have occurred between 2005 and 2017.

DRAGONBALL: BE EVOLUTION CRACKED.COM Anime as a whole has acquainted hordes of Western audiences with Japanese culture, and Goku of Dragon Ball Z is one of the most popular. In 2009's Dragonball: Evolution, 20th Century Fox upset fans worldwide by casting white, Canadian actor Justin Chatwin.

Source: zimbio


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