18 Divorced People Give Dating Advice They Wished They Had Gotten

18 Divorced People Give Dating Advice They Wished They Had Gotten

We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “If you’re divorced, what’s one piece of advice you’d give people who are dating?” After all, happy marriages may just be pure luck, but divorces are always done with intention. Read the advice so you can learn from others' romantic experiences because love may be blind, but hindsight is 20/20.

... TELL US NOW. Don't stay in a relationship if you're unhappy. Tamao K. tells US, Especially if you think you'll never find someone better. Good things come to those who wait just be patient and enjoy life so that someone can come along and appreciate you for being you not what someone else wants you to be. CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. Take your 20s and grow personally Larry В. says, Travel if you can. Get a degree, or don't if college isn't for you. Gain financially. You never get those years back. Just my opinion, but I wouldn't recommend anyone starting a family before 30, you are still learning who you are CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. Things don't have to be terrible for you to leave. Britt M. says, There doesn't need to be a big catalyst (i.e. cheating, etc). If you are not happy the majority of the time you are with that person, it is still okay to leave. Investing years into a person doesn't mean you have to continue investing years into them if it isn't working. CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. Don't sacrifice your needs. Ryan H. says, Sure, short term, we all do it. It's part of the give and take of any relationship. But, your needs are just as important as your partner's. You only have so much to give. CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. The red flags you ignore at the beginning become the reasons you end up leaving. Adriana H. tells us, Don't expect anyone to change their behaviors or habits for you. They won't. CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. Take your time. Donnalyn R. says, There is a difference between real love, and infatuation, but they are easy to confuse. One will last and one will wear off. CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. Beware of narcissists Nick N. says, Read up on narcissism and love bombing. Some folks latch on quick. CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. Maturity isn't guaranteed Jon P. tells us, Never assume someone is going to start acting like an adult just because they get older. CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. Love isn't enough. Emma А. says, Pragmatism is also really important, and being willing to work together. CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. You can love someone deeply but that doesn't mean you should be married or start a family with them. Cyndi C. says, You can love someone who isn't good for you- someone who fills you sexual or social needs but not your mental or emotional needs is probably not a good life partner. Long term goals, plans, wants, needs should be discussed. CRACKED.COM

Move in together first.

... TELL US NOW. Live with someone first. Audrey D. says, Although it goes against more traditional values, it's the best way to get to feel out the dealbreakers before tying the knot. CRACKED.COM

Be happy for the kids, even if it means breaking up.

... TELL US NOW. Your kids need happy parents even if they are separate. Kristy А. tells us, Don't stay together 'for the kids' they will be happier if their parents aren't screaming at each other even if they have to sleep in two different houses. So if you're not married and have a kid together but aren't getting along, don't get married because you have a kid. CRACKED.COM

Find someone who has common goals.

... TELL US NOW. Know their goals. Steve D. says, If the goals don't align, or fit together, they never will. CRACKED.COM

Don't marry until you've had a big fight.

... TELL US NOW. Don't marry until you've had a big fight. Mike В. says, Don't marry just because the sex is good. Listen to your gut: the smallest, quietest voice is usually right. Beware of those that say they just want unconditional love, normally thats code for I want inexcusable behavior excused. And stop thinking love overcomes all obstacles. CRACKED.COM

Do your research before committing.

... TELL US NOW. Know what you're committing to Christopher L. says, If your partner informs you that they have a mental illness, take it seriously. Research it well, ask questions, be certain that you know your limits, before making a serious commitment. CRACKED.COM

Cohabitation is more like a business partnership.

... TELL US NOW. Cohabitation often has a lot more in common with a business partnership than it has to do with romance. Kate S. says, If you can't get along around the day-to-day business of making a life, it likely won't matter how much spark you have together. CRACKED.COM

What bothers you while you're dating will only get worse.

... TELL US NOW. Anything bothering you about your partner while you're dating will only get worse once you're married Bill А. says, I was told this before I was married. Now that I'm divorced I can pay it forward. CRACKED.COM

Learn to be alone first.

... TELL US NOW. Learn to be alone first. Laura K. says, Be able to be alone and independent before marriage. Having the knowledge that you are capable of that will help you be yourself within a relationship. CRACKED.COM
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