14 Glowing Cases Of Foreshadowing In Animated Movies & Shows

If you watch cartoons too closely, you might spoil yourself.
14 Glowing Cases Of Foreshadowing In Animated Movies & Shows

What is it about foreshadowing that just drives our simian brains wild? is it the idea of an omnipotent creator carefully crafting and stitching a world together? Is it our endless need to find patterns and order amidst chaotic information? Or is it just kind of neat to catch a little predictive easter egg once in a while. Maybe its a blend of everything.

Whatever the reason, we love some good foreshadowing--can't get enough of the stuff. With that in mind, we scoured our favorite animated movies and shows for some of the best examples.

Can you believe that movies spoil themselves? Unthinkable! What are filmmakers thinking? That is, other than narrative structure, setup-and-payoff, rewatch value, and all that kind of stuff. Not even animated movies and shows are free from this “foreshadowing” thing -- just take a look at these examples we have found. (Oh, and beware of the inevitable spoilers.)

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