Despite the recent ups and downs, The Daily Texan challenged students to do the unthinkable: forecast the future. UT students offered their pop culture projections for 2022, expressing a mix of anxiety and exhilaration.

During an eventful year marked by bizarre celebrity engagements, postponed concerts, and then a week of Texas "snowpocalypse," UT students reveled in screaming the year away as the bell tolled on New Year's Eve.

To learn about the future, you don’t need to read Nostradamus. Simply turn on your television.

We're not sure why either, yet TV shows, literature, and especially pop songs all seem to foretell events with uncanny accuracy. Here are a few of our favorites:

Ed note: The official forecast from Cracked is that everything will turn out well for everyone.

Unfortunately, we do not, however, know if that's real, but we're just throwing it out there while we're speaking about unlikely predictions becoming true.

Excited about the results? Keep reading because we are here to quench your pop culture thirst!!

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