Tell Us Now: 17 Things We're Ashamed To Love Because Of Their Fanbases

Great things, ruined by their fandoms.
Tell Us Now: 17 Things We're Ashamed To Love Because Of Their Fanbases

There's a lot of stuff that we're absolutely ashamed to like. Life size he-man dolls (ahem, action figures) that we keep in our childhood bedroom at our parents suburban home with ‘MOM DO NOT THROW OUT’ sticky notes on them? Fine, questionable. 

It's one thing when something is a little embarrassing on it's own (paging all resident bronies), but it's quite another when an otherwise GOOD franchise is ruined by a cringe inducing fan base. Can everyone just relax and stop ruining perfectly good cartoons for adults? Life is hard enough as it is. Seriously gang, can we tone it down with the Supernatural fan fiction? They are BROTHERS for the love of pete.

We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What franchise do you love but don’t want to be associated with the fanbase?” We were (not) surprised when your answers included some very famous cartoons, videogames and television shows. One day we would love if Rick and Morty did not make this list.

Star Was

Star Wars Michelle L. says, Just let me enjoy/hate the parts I want without having to present a dissertation on it. And let others do the same without piling on them. CRACKED.COM

The Punisher

The Punisher Bruce H. says, I LOVE true, comic-reading Punisher fans. It's that when I see a Punisher skull on another car it's generally coupled with a bunch of other stickers that are tell-tale signs of racism/extremism. I've stopped wearing my Punisher shirts in public as I don't want to be lumped into that group of people. CRACKED.COM

Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty H Bruce H. shares, Was in line to meet Justin Roiland at a comic con a few years back... he was fantastic to meet and a wonderfully funny person... the people I was stuck in a serpentine line with for 2 hours were the most annoying, loud, entitled sh*tbags. CRACKED.COM

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft Emmy N. shares, Blizzard getting into hot water and trying desperately to get with the times, while the fanbase is crying about the company removing a single word of dialog from an 10+ year old expansion. It's embarrassing. CRACKED.COM


Persona TARGET SELECT f Jack Brothers 99SP Jesse R. says, I love them and play them to death, but the only thing the majority of the fanbase seems interested in is who their favorite waifu is and not the larger social commentaries and psychological themes explored in the games. They also tend to ignore anything from before Persona 3. CRACKED.COM


Supernatural Stephanie C. doesn't appreciate the show's fandom due to mostly the wincest shippers. *shutters*** CRACKED.COM

Pro Wrestling

Pro Wrestling Christopher C. tells us, I always thought the stereotypes of the fans were wrong. They are not. CRACKED.COM

Metal Music

Metal Music Greg C. says, At local shows, folks are generally easygoing and supportive but as soon as they get behind a keyboard, the douchebaggery flows. CRACKED.COM

Specifically Tool though

Tool TOOL TOOL Lance T. says, Love the music and find most of the fans insufferable. Just because you find a band that speaks to you through their music doesn't mean you have to literally devote your entire being to every facet of said band. CRACKED.COM

Insane Clown Posse

Insane Clown Posse Bobb Y. says, Their songs are catchy and hilarious, entertaining as hell to listen to. But I am not and will never be a Juggalo. CRACKED.COM

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Shane M. doesn't identify with the fanbase because they think seasons 7 and 8 should be remade when they just can't accept that their own expectations meant that no ending would ever be good enough for them CRACKED.COM

Harry Potter

Harry Potter Sar H. doesn't want to be associated with the fans mostly because of the author, she who must not be named, and the fanbase that supports her being transphobic. CRACKED.COM


Arrow Jeanette H. says, The toxic fanbase that hated everything after season 4, complained about one actress the whole time, yet watched every episode through the season 8 ending. If you hate it, why did you keep watching it?! CRACKED.COM


Ghostbusters One Cracked reader writes, Yes, the 1984 film is my favorite movie of all time, but I don't go around bashing a reboot that did not harm me in the slightest or 'ruin my childhood.' Get over yourselves. CRACKED.COM

Doctor Who

Doctor Who OLICE 1 BOX Colleen D. says, I adore the show and will watch it forever, but the way the base immediately came after Jodie Whittaker when it was the craptastic showrunner's fault for those episodes tanking made me embarrassed to be a Whovian. CRACKED.COM


CrossFit Sarah D. says, I quite enjoyed the workouts but stopped going because of the cult. CRACKED.COM

Blame Brad, not us

Jesus Brad S. says simply, Good ideas ruined by his fans. CRACKED.COM
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