Tell Us Now: 16 Movie Sequels We Can't Believe Haven't Been Made Already

Tell Us Now: 16 Movie Sequels We Can't Believe Haven't Been Made Already

It seems like every movie has a sequel these days. So it's particularly wild that some great movies haven't been picked for a second installment. We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What movie should have had a sequel?” Movie producers, it's on you now. 

... TELL US NOW. SERENITY James D. says, I've made peace with the fact that Firefly was never coming back, but I still would have loved another movie in that universe. CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. TRICK 'R TREAT Max K. says, I've never seen a horror movie with so much merchandise only have one film. CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. THE LAST STARFIGHTER ٣٦٦ Adam M. says, It was left open for a sequel, and it could've been interesting to see Alex go from learner to teacher along the same lines as Luke Skywalker. CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. SING STREET AG INC Bob В. says, I want to see where things went once they get to London. I want more music and more quirky videos! CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. SNATCH Paul Kong wants a sequel to answer Did Turkish get a new caravan? CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. MASTER AND COMMANDER Ryan В. says, Between the huge budget stopping it from turning a profit, getting overshadowed by Lord of the Rings, and the Pirates movies dominating the genre, it never got the chance it deserved. CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. LABYRINTH Amelia В. says, Who wouldn't have loved to see David Bowie reprise his role as the Goblin King? It's a shame they missed their chance. CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT Callie K. wants to see a sequel to the film that introduced Jessica Rabbit in our fantasies. CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. HELLBOY 2 Matt S. wants to see the third installment, saying, I love how they threw money away on a soulless remake that pleased absolutely no one, but del Toro's passion project, full of incredible imagery, themes and action set pieces, was never allowed its conclusion. CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. HALLOWEEN 3: SEASON OF THE WITCH Veronica S. says, HEAR ME OUT! The movie ends with the main character frantically calling the TV station to stop the broadcast, but one of the channels still aired the commercial! We don't know what happens after that, but with how weird this installment is it should warrant a sequel. CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. SHIN GODZILLA Ben Q. says, Arguably one of the best Kaiju films to date and ends on a cliffhanger revealing the frozen Godzilla's tail made up of hundreds of smaller Godzilla/humanoid creatures. Sadly Toho studio have specifically said they won't be making a sequel, which is disappointing as Shin Godzilla is far better than the Western adaptations. CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. HISTORY OF THE WORLD: PART I Adam H. wants a Part II, saying, They teased a sequel, and it looked hilarious. CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. FIGHT CLUB Justin C. points out, There's already been two comic book sequels, so might as well adapt them in movie form. CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. BEETLEJUICE Bob W. says, There is so much more to explore with that whole premise! Tons of possibilities for a sequel. Hell, you could do an entire movie just about the Maitlands trying to get into heaven and needing Beetlejuice to help them trick GOD! CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. AIRHEADS Anthony В. says, Imagine it: Brendan Fraser, Steve Buscemi, and Adam Sandler reunite for one more show years after their big hit. CRACKED.COM

... TELL US NOW. DREDD Craig K. wants to see, a sequel to an amazing movie that is based in a rich world that has so much more to offer. Imagine gritty adaptions of The Cursed Earth Saga or The Dark Judges. CRACKED.COM
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