From anti-apartheid posters hiding away in Scrooged to Back to the Future’s Flux Capacitor running the train in The Polar Express, here are some interesting details you can find in these popular Holiday movies.

Home Alone truly was a family affair

Holiday Movies Home Alone The director's family members all have cameos in the movie, and almost all of the crew snuck pictures of their family members into the set decoration. CRACKED.COM


No Jack Black movies here

Holiday Movies The Holiday e a GRADUATE - Sometimes, the detail is what you don't see. Like in the Blockbuster scene, where you will struggle trying to find a Jack Black or Kate Winslet movie on those shelves. The crew purposely removed every film featuring either of them. CRACKED COM


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Back to the Future cameo

Holiday Movies The Polar Express There's a Back to the Future Flux Capacitor on the train. This could also explain how the train can travel around the world in a single night. CRACKED.COM


Michael Cane's real name

Holiday Movies The Muppet Christmas Carol Micklewhite A shop was given the name Micklewhite's, after Michael Cane's given name Maurice Micklewhite. CRACKED.COM


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