We all know that celebrities are paid to endorse products. But sometimes, the products they endorse are so random that we can't help but scratch our heads and wonder what in the world they were thinking. For example, actress Gwyneth Paltrow famously endorsed a vibrator designed to be used on the neck. And reality TV star Kim Kardashian has penned more than a few words praising an app that allows users to Photoshop themselves into celebrity photos. Clearly, when it comes to product endorsements, celebrities will put their name to just about anything. So the next time you see a celebrity endorsing a weird or wacky product, remember that they're probably just in it for the money.

From cars to beer to prescription drugs, these celebrities hawked some pretty unexpected products - and some of them made us seriously question their judgment. Keep reading to check out the most surprising celebrity endorsements ever!

This fun is never gonna end.

Alice Cooper once appeared in a commercial for a golf equipment brand. It was even his own idea - he talked to the founder of Callaway at a party and pitched him on making an ad, and it became reality a few months later. CRACKED.COM


Jessica Simpson pushed an edible cosmetics line in the mid-'00s. It was called Dessert Beauty, and apparently it was controversial for making hyper-sexualized ads for kids. CRACKED.COM


Alessandra Ambrosio officially became the face of Always Maxi Pads. Specifically, she became the face of the luxurious-sounding Always Platinum Collection, which has a super-absorbent gel core and silk-like top-sheet. CRACKED.COM


Megan Fox starred in an ad campaign for the Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabook. In the ad, she pretended to be a marine biologist who, along with a team of scientists, used Acer's amazing laptop to write software that will let her talk to dolphins. CRACKED.COM


Penelope Cruz advertised New Super Mario Bros 2 for the Nintendo 3DS. They even had her dress up as Mario (of course), and the TV spot involved her and her sister saying things like get the coins, get the coins, run, run run, and come on Mario, let's go. CRACKED.COM


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