14 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About 'Strangers with Candy'

14 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About 'Strangers with Candy'

'Strangers with Candy is a show that tells the story of a forty-six-year-old woman named Jerri Blank who returns to high school. The show follows her as she struggles to fit in and make friends. 'Strangers with Candy is a satirical show that pokes fun at the high school experience. However, it also has a lot of heart. Jerri Blank is an unlikely hero, but she is ultimately a kind and caring person. 'Strangers with Candy is a movie that will make you laugh and make you think.

Jerri Blank is a middle-aged junkie, prostitute, and all-aroundocial misfit who returns to high school in an attempt to start her life over. 'Strangers with Candy' follows Jerri as she navigates the treacherous waters of teenage life, making mistakes and learning lessons along the way. While her antics are often outrageous, Jerri is a surprisingly sympathetic character, and her journey is one that is both funny and touching. Although it only lasted for three seasons, 'Strangers with Candy' has gone on to become a cult classic, thanks in large part to the hilarious performance of lead actress Amy Sedaris.

Jerri Blank was a user, a boozer, and a loser. Here are 14 more things you didn't know.

No more Jerri

COMEDY NERD BEHIND-THE-SCENES FACTS Don't hold your breath for a reboot. CRACKED.COM Sedaris and Dinello agree that they are definitively done with Jerri Blank. I like the mystery of her, says Dinello. I don't think you want too much information about her.


On the big screen

COMEDY NERD BEHIND-THE-SCENES FACTS Dave Letterman produced a Strangers with Candy movie. CRACKED.COM The Strangers with Candy film was actually a prequel to the TV series. Find out how how self-described junkie whore Jerri was released from prison to learn that high school sucks as much as ever. With cameos by Matthew Broderick, Sarah Jessica Parker and Philip Seymour Hoffman!


Comedy Central groundbreaker

COMEDY NERD BEHIND-THE-SCENES FACTS Strangers with Candy made Comedy Central history. 26 CRACKED.COM The show was Comedy Central's first original, live-action, non- sketch series. Yeah, that's a lot of qualifiers, but pretty cool nonetheless.


Never come back

COMEDY NERD BEHIND-THE-SCENES FACTS Jerri probably never graduated high school. CRACKED.COM After eight or nine years, school adminstrators probably would have just told Jerri she graduated. Just to get rid of her, says Paul Dinello. We'll give you this piece of paper if you never come back.


Exit 57 ruled

COMEDY NERD BEHIND-THE-SCENES FACTS Strangers stars got their TV start on Exit 57. LOTTO M Cough - - Cold GRACKED.COM Before Strangers, Stephen Colbert, Paul Dinello and Amy Sedaris starred on this Comedy Central sketch show. Despite multiple CableACE nominations, the show only lasted 12 episodes.


Afterschool Special

COMEDY NERD BEHIND-THE-SCENES FACTS The show was inspired by ABC Afterschool Specials. GRACKED.COM The coming-of-age specials, with titles like The Runaways, Me and Dad's New Wife, and Story of a Teenage Alcoholic, taught tweens life lessons. Strangers with Candy borrowed many of the same plots. The difference is Jerri Blank always made the wrong choices.


Something in common

COMEDY NERD BEHIND-THE-SCENES FACTS Amy Sedaris and Jerri Blank have a lot in common. OSITION GRAGKED.COM COM They're both survivors. Both can be simple-minded (says Amy). Both live in the moment. She's desperate to be loved, says Sedaris. Deep down, there's a little bit of Jerri in everyone.


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